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Help! I've gotten stuck. At the end of the 3rd mission (I believe it's called Route Canal or something), you get into a hovercraft. Well, I did that and I opened a door that allowed me out into the open swamp area. I made a jump into another area, but I am now cutoff. In this area there is a HL symbol near a tunnel that I can crawl into and then it leads me to a little higher position where I can get over a hill. However, over that hill there is nothing but swampland and I die if I run across it. Here are the screens:

Look familiar to anyone? Ideas?


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Ahh, I remember this. If I remember correctly, there is water under the ramp, and you have to go through the tunnel that's on the land..on the left side (if looking in the direction of the first picture), and there are some barrels or something that you have to push into the water, and then use the gravity gun or something to make them go under the ramp.

You should be able to drive your vehicle over the ramp, after you have raised it. It's been so long since I've played it..

Play around with it..if all else fails search google for a good walkthrough.


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yeah, you don't have the grav-gun yet but you have to hold the blue barrels and pull them underwater to the upside-down cage under the ramp... the bouency of the barrels keeps the ramp up for you to jump the wall.