need help


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greetings im new here and wanted to know if there was a place to introduce myself. O..and where do i add avatar,sig ,ect
Howdy and welcome!

These are just the forums for PureFun -- we have our forums hosted under the Christian Gamers Alliance. Feel free to introduce yourself in this forum. You can also edit your forums account information here.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Tom
Nice to meet ya. I'm Glitch... and i must say... your avatar is AMAZING!!!

Ha, finally i have another Ninja on my side... no more retarded Pirates. (well... pirates are cool and all... but Ninja is so much better)
He also said "Ninjas" twice. If you arrange the sentences all together, you'd get:

XionTawa > Samurai's > Ninjas > Pirates

In other words, he's greater than all of those things.
neg, i can understand samurai better than pirates but always pirates>ninja