new computer! also, what is your comp speed


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I am getting a new pc! (specs below) also, i was wondering what everybody else's computer speeds are. Don't be shy, feel free to post, even if it's old (like my Current machine : OLD 800 mhz p3 processor
128 mb of ram
32mb video card
9 GB hard drive
some old motherboard (don't know)
basically, a old slow dinosaur.

NEW pc!! AMD 64 3000+ processor
512 MB of pc 3200 DDR ram
Radeon 9200 SE 128 MB video card
80 GB hard drive
Sweet looking case with side window and LED eyes at the bottom
optical mouse
speakers and my current monitor
(arriving saturday or monday)
my dad is building it for me, i have been saving for a long time. Can't wait!!
all for only $550


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I built my own

Asus P4C 800-E board
Pentium 4 3.2
512 MB Corsair XMS 4400 memory
Sound Blaster Audigy 2
Logitech 5.1 surround sound speaker
ATI Radeon 9800 XT video card W/256 MB memory
Western Digital 74 GB Raptor drive (4.5 milliseconds access time)
Asus CD-R-RW
Antec True Power 550 Watt PS

All on dial up baby!!!


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Had my pc new too, a few months old.

HP A500N
AMD Athlon 2800+
512MB DDR Ram
S3G UniChrome (IGP) 64MB Video card
80 GB Hard Drive
MS Wireless Keyboard
MS Wireless & Optical Mouse
48x CD-RW
8x dvd-rom


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I built mine...
Chaintech mobo (decent board and cheap)
Athlon 64 2800+
512 MB DDR ram
Radeon 9600 LE 256 MB
MS keyboard (with cool media buttons)/optical mouse combo
40 GB HD
120 GB HD
52x CD-RW
Flashy case with window
Wireless G card
36" monitor (only goes up to 800x600 but is still very impressive, I can post pics if you want)

I'm gonna upgrade alot though, like add 512 more ram, get a video capture card, get 5.1 surround (I'm using my Sony MDR-V300 headphones [if that means anything to anyone] right now), get a couple of SATA HD's and set them so they use RAID and all that, and when the price drops, get an x800


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Built my own also

Windowed Case, with small custom-modded feature. by RaidMAX + Blue CCFL
Motherboard: P4C800-Deluxe
CPU: Intel P4 2.4A Ghz (OC from 2.0)
RAM: 512mb DDR by Samsung
Videocard: ATI Radeon 9600 XT (overclocked
HDD: 80Gb Seagate Barracuda
48x16x48 Samsung CR-RW
52x32x52 Sony CD-RW (my samsung CR-RW is broken, read-only)
430Watt PSU

I/O Devices:
ViewSonic VG700 17in LCD TFT monitor
Microsoft Office Keybard
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0
Creative SBS270 2set Sattelite speakers
Sennheiser PC150 Headset
HP Laserjet 1100

Steelpad 4D
Bawls bottle, and a small minutemen
Electronic clock with countdown feature
Flash memory stick 128mb

Whew i think thats it

Theres an x800 Pro for price of 399 in Bestbuy that i once saw. Crazy drop from 540 lol.


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My Pc is 2 years old, Runs great, even with doom 3

CPU Intel celeron 1.8ghz
ram 714DDR
gpu Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 128MB PCI
disk drive is uh 56x
and my capacity is 33ghz space
and all my slots are full so to upgrade I gotta but a whole new thing...


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I hate flat panel monitors, htey cost way more then they are worth, break easy, and they look stupid in my opion, I loike flat screen monitors though, they have no glare.


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I got that monitor from my aunt for free
like I said I can post pics if you want (I always love to show it off). Also, I got that video capture card I was talking about. It's a leadtech winfast 2000/xp deluxe (the one on newegg with all the reviews). So now I can play my PS2 and DC on my 36" monitor! yay! oh and btw, newegg is 1337, I recieved the card 2 days after I ordered it, with thier prices and $.99 shipping, you really can't go wrong! I will probably buy every computer component from newegg as long as it's the cheapest (which it usually is).


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yawn my horrible specs from a new computer: 2.133 ghz amd ahtlon xp processor, 256mb ram,40gb, integrated vid and sound, mouse ball and multimedia keyboard