New to mmo


i am a huge Star Wars fan and swtor has sucked me into the mmo genre. i am stoked for the chance to wield my lightsaber in a battle with a few thousand people

yes, my main will b a jedi and my alt will be a heavy ammo trooper. i wanna be a jedi to yield the saber and the force powers. i wanna be a heavy ammo trooper so that i can blow up a small moon with what is in my backpack:)

i would say that they cant move fast enough with the development of the game, but i want them to take their time and do it right the first time and not need 40 patches in the first week of play.
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Well when I roll for the republic im going to be a smugler. The ability to shoot from cover looks like it would come in Handy.

I hope they dont rush it like kotorII, so they can take all the time they need.
It's Bioware this time, so I doubt it will be rushed. KOTOR II was made by Obsidian; Bioware made the original KOTOR.
The second one was still good, it just lacked that spark that kept it in my memory. I still remember a lot of KoToR, but KOTOR 2 I only remember small parts of.

I plan to have a Jedi Guardian. Then Maybe a smuggler or Trooper. I hope they really polish the KOTOR fighting mechanics and let me go prone for a sniper kill. lol pew pew!
KOTOR 2 was fun because of some of the newer gameplay mechanics they added (such as influence on party members), but it didn't have nearly the storyline of the first one.

I don't know about going prone, but I know that Imperial Officers and Smugglers will be able to use cover.