NINTENDO DS!!!!!!!!!!11

Yeppers, I got mine. Unfortunately, the store I pre-ordered from won't be able to fufill my super mario 64 DS pre-order until tomorrow, so I am very anxious to try that out.

Warp Pipe (the same company that brought you online gamecube) is working on a DS version of their system, btw.
AWESOME! I can't wait to see that in action! Might be enough to convince me to get one, that is if the PSP doesn't have the same functionality. might be until '05 until we see it though

Keep in mind, it's not easy to develop something like this!
I played the demo at EB Games. Very cool indeed. I'm kinda holding out for a PSP though. Not too sure if I will get either one though.
Get a DS. The PSP's battery life is 2 hours, which means watching a movie is almost impossible without stopping and recharging for 4 hours.
That's not true! That's way old information! They said it's gonna be around 8 hours of battery life, and I don't think many of us will be playing for 8 hours straight without plugging it in.
the demo was fun, tho without the finger tab it seemed imposible to shoot, move and look at the same time ;) if u buy it, get a finger tab to reduce the need of 3 hands