No T3 Castles


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Order has not held a T3 castle now for a week, that means I've been levelling my renown now without hopes of renown training or rewards. We need to really set aside an evening, pick an out of the way castle and lay seige to it.

Of course we need a leader and I have no clue on what is required to be done.
Do you know about the renown trainer in Altdorf? It's right across from the bank. Rewards are available in the guild hall in Altdorf (southern part of town).

I think a keep take would be fun though!
They really should limit the renown trainers/vendors to keeps; that would give more incentive to take one.

We'll try to get some people together for a T3 keep take. Gotta have lots though.
I think a lot of the T3 guys that were taking the T3 keeps have graduated to T4. The T4 keep in Kadrin Valley is a short, pretty safe run. Not sure about the others. Looks like we may have to plan a raid for one. Unfortunately I have no T3 toons so I can help w/ peck on my chicken.
Found Sigmars Hammer in Altdorf...I got everything I needed there.

Don't need to a a ton of people to take a keep so long as you can pick one where Destro isn't defending
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I really wish I had started Popoki earlier, and this week I have two tests to deal with, so while I was able to get Popoki to 18 in a week (with a lot of help from Lupa's LAN with Colbi), it seems my steam has just run out. I wish I could be a part of a T3 raid!