Northrend Jewelcrafting


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So for all the jewelcrafters (and non-JC's) who have made their way into Northrend and Dalaran, we now do dailies to get tokens and use those tokens to buy new recipes. I think we should start coordinating which recipes we buy so that we don't all just have the same ones. I'm working on compiling a list of what recipes I`ve bought and found. Here`s what I have so far:

Titanium Earthguard Ring
Ring of Scarlet Shadows
Austere Earthsiege Diamond
Bracing Earthsiege Diamond
Eternal Earthsiege Diamond
Relentless Earthsiege Diamond
Accurate Monarch Topaz
Deadly Monarch Topaz
Defender's Twilight Opal
Delicate Scarlet Ruby

I'll try and keep this updated as I get new recipes, or can determine where the ones I have came from. Feel free to come to me if you need gems cut, and if you want meta gems all I need is 1 eternal fire for the Earthsiege Diamond or 1 eternal air for the Skyflare Diamond, and i can transmute them as well.
Gonna start this up again since as of 3.2 there will be new EPIC gems and recipes available. Gems can be found by prospecting titanium ore so if any miners would like to start saving up (I know I am) we can turn it (possibly) into epic gems. I believe I also read that the gems will be purchasable with emblems of no-more-tiers.

I'm not sure about other jewelcrafters but I will prob start by purchasing melee DPS and tanking recipes when I can since my 3 out of 4 toons are melee. When it comes time I will be willing on Jermayan to prospect ore for anyone who wants gems, and I will cut your gems for free if I have the recipe.
Thanks Jason,

I've already started saving Titanium Ore. I don't have too much, just 30 ore or so but will keep farming. Do you know if there will be any chance to prospect Epic gems from Saronite or is it just Titanium?
Raw epic gems can be obtained via the following means:
Prospecting Titanium Ore
Alchemy transmutations
Purchased with honor
Purchased with Emblems of Heroism

This is from Blizzard`s patch notes.
Just an aside, I believe I read somewhere that PTR users were able to get epic gems from Saronite but "it's not a viable source."