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Finally i got Brak to make NS work on steam!!!

How good is the new 1.4 NS.

I have heard about ns combat before, (and only played one map) but it was different and good.

You don't have to build all your upgrades. It's experienced based. the idea is that regular ns is a bit complex, so learn about all the different classes in Combat ( be a noob there) and when you have the basics down, get into regular NS.

In combat you get experience from kills near you, Like wIII. So even if your not good, hang with the crowd and get experience. And like WIII spend ever 'filled' experience bar on an upgrade. Armour(yes it's spelt with a u people hee hee), shotguns, wep upgrades, heavy armour jp etc etc. and what ever you spend it on, you will have every time you spawn.

So a shotty jp combo each time you die.... cool. but think of the onos. Same deal!!!!

its designed to be a fast game, and full on. And thats what it was ( the one time i played) so i'll be busy this saturday (australian time 12-5pm)

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I stink on ice with a shotgun, so I get motion tracking first, HMG next, then resupply, then upgrade armor. Once I have the motion tracking and HMG, it's usually a smooth ride from there on out.


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as a skulk i go invis first, then silent. and move from there.

As a rine, i usually go gun upgrade first, and then resupply. I use pistol as my main, as it's a hard hitter, and a couple of quick kills gets your upgrades moving.

Shotty is ok, but i go there after 2 gun upgrades, try to head to hmg though.

still working through it, it's been patched to 4a already.....

time limits are good, makes it happen




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yeah, I just got started playing NS 3.0 beta three days ago after a long break from NS 2.0 and I love it. If I want fun fast play I'll go CO, and if I feel like playing as a team I'll play regular NS