Obsidian Sanctum or Archavon (Vault) on Friday?


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Based on the Naxx Progression thread, we've got plenty of geared 80's to run a raid or two. I was wondering what folk's potential avail. for an Obsidian Sanctum or Archavon (Vault) run on Friday the 26th? I have it in GC so if you can make it - sign up!

I ran Vault on Tues. evening and it's an easy and fast instance. Drops 2 epics and 2 Emblems for each. I'd prefer Obsidian Sanctum (more loot), but let's see if we can get a group first.
I'm busy on the 26th at my parents for Christmas. I'm was thinking of trying a run on the 29th (monday) which would be OS and possibly Arch if we can get access to it. Also my shaman is currently resto but can re-spec as needed for the run. I'm currently at my parents and wont be back on WOW till prob Sunday so have a Merry Christmas all
It's up on GC but not everyone "see it" for some reason. 6:30 Server start - come one come all (up to 10). :p
if people have the new gc thats y I got th ebrand new one that has put thwe wow cal on it and the gc I love it but cant see the run so add me
I've re-scheduled this run for Friday the 2nd on GC. Hope some of you can make it! It's a fast instance and if we have control of Wintergrasp we should make a run of Archavon as well. Archavon is uber easy. :)

A successful night on Friday downing Archavon in one shot with 30 seconds left before the Alliance lost control of Wintergrasp and we were ported out!!

Sartharion proved a bit more difficult with her lava walls and elemental adds. But after a few tries (and wipes) she was drained of her 2.5M HP and defeated. Thanks to all of you for coming and sticking together through the fight. It was a lot of fun and I appreciate your all's attitude and support. I'll throw another event for the same time next week if anyone is interested. Gratz to Adam, Jacki, Renee, Jeron, and John for getting some nice loot.

Also, I'd like to offer the role of MT to someone else next week. Probably best that as many of us learn the fight as possible.
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With regards to the fight with one drake up.. I've read a lot on this.. different strats.. One post had their off-tank grab both Ten, his adds AND the fire adds were directed to him via hunters MD and another off-tank (DK) Lot of dmg, debuff.. but they had 2 healers on him and one good healer on the MT. Also, tranq shot works on the enraged fire adds. And.. Sartharion enrages at 10% and spawns many at one time. All dps should ignore these adds and kill Sartharion. (They should simply be tanked at this point until He is dead, which is what I think we did on our second attempt) We left a few up.
I like this strategy. Maybe we give this a shot for Friday:
  • Eric = MT
  • Bob = OT (Tenebron & Adds <- Hunter M/D's)
  • John = OT#2 (Fire Elementals)
  • One full time Healer on Eric.
  • 1.5 Healers (Full & Danny) on the OT's & Group.
  • Kill order = Tenebron (adds when up), Fire Elementals, Sartharion
Having adequate (big-time) DPS would be the key to this strategy working.
Update -Earlier Time for 1/30

Hey Everyone,

I'd like to move the run up 20min. earlier for tomorrow (1/30). I have already updated time on GC. Hope you all can make it and I'm planning that the earlier start should give us more of a time window for Vault of Archavon. :)

Also if we have adequate DPS and healing let's make another run at having Tenebron up. I confident we can do it if we have 4 x DPS (solid), 3 Tanks, and 2.5 (3) Healers.
Not seeing it. I asked others who have 4.3.5 and some see it, some do not.
What version do you have bob?

NVM, when I updated I forgot to redo my settings. I see it. (It would not come up using shared SGAG, but it did on Guild channel. After getting it to show there, I went back to shared and SGAG and it was there)
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GroupCalendar displays it as "SGAG" when you put it on Automatic, but it's the right one. I think it's actually SGAGC, but the mod is displaying it wonky.

Either way, I'm getting tons of SGA events.