Open World RvR Night!


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October 10th starting at 6:00 PM Pacific All are invited to an all out RvR WAR!!

Calvary Church Los Gatos will be hosting a LAN party for all interested parties.

That is if Tree can get it set up?
Is there going to be a specific tier like last time or will we just seperate by tiers once we find out who's interested?
i think that at any level you can go to tier 3 and get buffed to 28, but I have not confirmed this for levels < 20
If it's world RVR you will be fine (as in nothing can stop you from physically joining). I have ventured to Chaos Wastes and the area right outside of Altdorf with Odale and I was fine.

Just don't expect to live very long.
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Do you get buffed to 28 when you go to tier3 as a lvl 10 dude? do you get all the health points that a lvl 28 would have? This would be good to confirm before the event takes place.
I am pretty sure there is a minimum level requirement to get the level 28 hp buff. But there is nothing to physically stop you from going into a T3 area.
The level range at which players are able to receive the “Bolster” buff while in RvR has been expanded. This buff will now be available starting three levels lower than it had been previously. Please note this change only applies to Scenarios on Open-RvR Ruleset Servers.

In tier 2, the buff will apply from rank 8 to rank 17, and will raise players to Battle Rank 18.

In tier 3, the buff will apply from rank 18 to rank 27, and will raise players to Battle Rank 28.

In tier 4, the buff will apply from rank 28 to rank 35, and will raise players to Battle Rank 36.

straight from the patch
I want to join up. I wonder if I will get a tome unlock for +100 deaths in less than 30 minutes.

Josia the Squishy.
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p.s. please don't judge me as a bad parent for using all the caps. We need a break from time to time to BE good parents. :)