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wow. looks great. I have a long way to go... I set the bots on total n00b, and I got pwned hard.

I am, quite frankly, too busy staring at the scenery... all the pics don't do it justice. and this is on a system that doesn't meet the minimum requirements by about 20%.

Is this game really worth the $50? I play the old UT tournament alot, and I wonder if I should get this or not. It goes without saying that the graphics are incredible, but is it worth it on that alone? After all, it's still basically a fragfest, like UT has always been. Minus the dual handguns and the Assault game type.

Is the ball game type (forget what it's called) any good? That is what I read replaced assault. Anyway, I'm just trying to decide if I should pick this up or buy another game. Jedi Knight II got better reviews than this game did, so I keep wondering what to do...
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Quote[/b] (Captain Chaos @ April 23 2003,3:20)]Is this game really worth the $50?
Time to break it down.

Of all companies developing first-person shooters, Epic is the most determined to support the mod community; therefore, there will be many mods for UT2003. While the main game would not be worth $50 for someone with a tight budget, one cannot ignore the replay value available through said mods, both current and future. If you need any education regarding the principle of mods increasing a game's replay value, please reference Half-Life.

*bow* Thank you for your time.
Yeah, Tek nailed it on the head...Mods are what make the UT series worth the money. For instance, you mentioned the new gameplay mode they added, bombing run. In itself, bombing run is kind of dumb in my opinion, but a Modding group called Team Vortex and took it and made what they call Deathball. Basically a UT2k3 cross between deathmatch, soccer, and rugby. It's awesome. There are plenty other incredible mods out there and more on the way.

Check www.planetut.com for all the different mods for it and you'll be amazed at the variety...Deathball, DragonBallZ, Racing, and all kinds of other genres. I totally agree that the game itself gets old quick, thanks to removing the Assault mode and ruining Domination, but there's always someone out there ready and willing to make it better...and beyond that, the possibility is there for you to get into it relatively easily too making maps with the UnrealEd.

I say spend the dough...it's worth it in the long run.
Good point. I was not thinking about mods, which is the main reason why HL and the old UT are still very playable.

Now my dilemma. I was just about to go out and buy Jedi Night II instead of UT 2003, but now I'm unsure again. Looks like the only way to settle this is to get both.

Thanks guys.
I think the only problem with too many Mods is that some of the really brilliant Mods die 'cuz there's not enough interest from the community because the community has too many options to pick from.

A story was related to me where this guy really likes UT2k3, but he can't find a full server when he goes on because there's too many options (and we're not even getting into the Mods yet) where as something like BF1942 only has two game types and there's *always* a lot of active servers because the players are concentrated.

I dunno, in the long run, I think it's great, because you bought one game and now you're getting 10 really good additional games for free and maybe 20-30 so-so games for free.
This is a quality game i am so gna get it - played it online wiv ToJ tag and brought in da respect

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"I set the bots on total n00b, and I got pwned hard."

lol, the skilled weren't even much of a challenge for me...
BTW, I'm not sure if you guys ended up picking up Unreal 2K3 yet, but if you *wait* just a little longer, UT 2004 will be coming out! It was announced just before E3 and it sounds like a great pack. The only problem is that, as an original 2K3 owner, the 2K4 will have all of 2K3's content PLUS the original Assault Mod and a new one called Onslaught (which, from what I can tell, is like Super Assault with vehicles). I really hope they go through with the rebate for 2K3 owners that I've been hearing going around.
This is good news. I was thinking about getting UT2k3 for a while. I'll just wait and get UT2k4. I especially wanted to see Assault again :).
This is good news. I was thinking about getting UT2k3 for a while. I'll just wait and get UT2k4. I especially wanted to see Assault again :).