Player housing

I was wondering that myself. When I read the latest info the wording is such that you could interpret it as individual housing, but that may be wishful thinking on my part, hehe. May not be affordable at all! But sure would be nice for the crafters to have extra space.

I've been saving up for this for a while now... I hope to be able to put forth around 10 plat towards the purchase of the KotT guild hall! I'm very excited about having our own home!
It sounded by the heralds last post that it would be player housing but i know in previous announcements they did mention guild halls. I'm personally hoping they allow us to use bounty points to buy houses with as I have 1000 saved up so far for that purpose. Perhaps the guild should organize some loot raid nights to raise more money just in case? The cool thing is we also can decorate the hall with furnishing, wall hangings paint etc so we'll need money for that also. Time to get busy!