Pokemon X/Y endgame


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I'm looking for ways to "step down" from a Puzzle & Dragons addiction and I think Pokemon X is a great choice.

I've already completed the main quest and claimed the title of Pokemon League Champion.

So what do you Pokemon experts recommend for goals for endgame content?

I figure I'll try to pick up some megastones and put together an improved team (though I still don't plan on playing competitively).

Any other suggestions?


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Pretty late to the thread, but X and Y's endgame was a little lackluster for me. The only thing that kept me playing after Looker Bureau was getting into competitive battling

A few things you could do, if you ever slot in the cartridge again:

- Collect all the O-Powers (egg hatching being the last one)
- Complete Looker chapter
- Complete Pokedex (kalos, national)
- Get a legitimate shiny (breeding, consecutive fishing, hordes)
- Get Diance

But other than that, I don't think there's much else :/