Postal 2


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So, I'm in my CAD class. That's architechture. And this kid tells me he has this hilarious review of a horrible game called Postal 2. So, I decide to take a look. You play as(and I'm not kidding) a character named Postal Dude. You have the choice to be a pacifist or go postal. And, if you are a pacifist, you deliver mail, 6 days a week. Basically boring errand running taken to the next level. But, if you are a pacifist, other postal workers can go postal, and you need to stop them. It sounds like an old game that had about sixteen bajillion glitches in it. On top of all the absolute stupidity in the game, you can pee on dead bodies. And there was a screen with Jesus, represented in stained glass, flipping everyone off. Wow, it's blasphemous and stupid! Sounds like fun! Let's NOT play it, and say we didn't. But seriously, why do publishers even release games like this upon the general public? Why, when they can be almost positive that the game is going to fail? Sigh. It just doesn't make sense to me.
I read a review in my GMR magazine and they gave it a 0 out of 5. It was basically the worst game they had ever played. It's a rather liberal gaming magazine too. So, it's understandable they didn't mention anything about Jesus. But they did mention one task was to kill a homosexual. That just sounds horrible. I can't imagine what the developers were thinking.
theres offending ppl gta3 style where ppl actually BUY THE GAME though.

This i wouldnt touch with a barge pole. well i wouldnt buy gta either but.. from the worlds POV.
i;d touch it with a pole.

actually, I'd "touch" it with a baseball bat.  and we know how short those things are.  
Their main goal was to make the game totally offensive, and didn't care any about the actual gameplay. Even someone who thought that kinda stuff was cool (which might only be the creators themselves) would be turned off by the horrible gameplay.
Yeah...doesn't seem too good. In fact, just the errand running can get boring. I mean, sure, errand running is okay, but only if you are REWARDED after you run the errands. Which these guys don't seem to understand.
Here's another incredibly stupid thing: this is THE only game to simulate standing in line. You have to stand in line to cash a check. Blah. How much fun is that?