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Hey guys, I have a level 9 ranger who has just the bare minimum skills and has finished no quests whilst trying to get to level 20. I was wondering if anyone would be up for helping me level up across the wall? I am free most days in the evenings (3-7 EST). Any help would be appreciated.
So nice to see someone in the wonderful world of original Guild Wars.

Once you get to level 10 you can do most of the rest by yourself. I have a character in each profession who did it. Ranger was my first.

Anyway...I'd be happy to come and take you in. That time slot isn't too good for e though - that is noon to 4:00 out here on the west coast. But I will see what I can do. I'll look for you.
What times are best for you? Because I can be a little more flexible than that, I was just throwing those times out there as a rough guideline.
Usually something a little bit later in the day - closer to when I get home from work - sometimes as early as 4:00 Pacific.

My internet is out right now - switching from DSL to cable. I'll be up and running on Wednesday of next week.
Hey sorry about not responding to this right away, I have been flooded with school work. Hows that internet coming along?
lol - great! switched to comcast and it is super.

However - I'm off to Virginia for Thanksgiving and won't have my computer until November 29.

Im glad to hear that! And I thinki I have just had a bad time trying to play any form of GW recently because of college. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner about that. I have just been swamped until this past week.

If ou are still up for it some time we should try to find a time.