Priestly changes


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Priests can look forward to some fairly big and significant changes in the upcoming patches and expansion.

From Eyonix:
Yesterday I took an extensive review of what we have in store for discipline (though it will see many changes between now and release) in Wrath of the Lich King. For quite some time I've been providing the designers with feedback from the community, as well as my own thoughts and ideas. Though it may not always be apparent every member of our team works very hard communicating all aspects of player feedback.

With that being said, the current iteration of the tree literally blew my mind. I was in the class designers office in under a minute discussing the changes like I was a nine year old child who was given a sneak peak of an entire set of unreleased Garbage Pail Kids cards. I can't say much but I will say this:

The tree will stand on its own two feet.
It will be viable in PvE.
You will notice impact from player feedback

Discipline tree is currently cluttered, lacks focus and direction and is not strong enough to go 41 points into it. The first 20/23 points give the priest the biggest amount of utility from that tree. But going 41 points into discipline limits you to 20 points in holy or shadow. In both of those tree, the meaty talents are in the 21 to 40/41 positions. You give up more in shadow or holy then you gain in discipline. It will be interesting to see what changes they have in store.

Focused Will
From Eyonix
Feedback was read, gathered and the designers are fully aware of all that you've provided. As a result, we're making an adjustment to the talent so instead of seeing this morning's version of focused will in the next PTR push, you'll see:

"After taking a critical hit you gain the Focused Will effect, reducing all damage taken by 1/3/5% and increasing healing effects on you by 4/7/10% for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times."

This is a nice survivability talent that is meant to compete with the holy Blessed Resiliance talent. Earlier this week, this talentwas increase damage by 1/2/3% and healing by 2/4/6% stacking 5 times. The general consensus is that no priest will survive 5 crits to see full affect of this talent. Sadly, I think after 3 crits, the priest will be hurting enough that the full effect of this talent will not save them. I'm tired of seeing new or changed priest talents that only proc after taking a crit. We currently have 3 (Martyrdom, Blessed Recovery and Blessed Resiliance (which is only a 60% chance to proc after taking a crit)) and now they are adding a fourth. IMO, priests have enough poorly procing talents. We need more umph in our talent trees. We are going to have to give up alot to get this talent, I wonder if once again, because this talent is in the discipline tree, that we are giving up more then we are gaining to get this talent.
im not a priest but i agree it looks stupid. just cause during raids and stuff u shouldnt be getting hit that much unless your soloing. but dont u want more dps? instead of being like a squishy noob tank?
sounds like its for pvp Gala, mobs spells dont crit and if a priest is getting hit by melee crits they probably need more than that talent to save them:p
It is a pvp spell, but it is simply stupid and shows off how little the developers seem to know about the priest class. Maybe it works in with the upcoming alterations. Priests are generally the most vulnerable class regardless of spec and that needs to be looked at. Increasing healing and damage done in the face of spell pushbacks, currently 2 with a third healing reducer planned, and our over reliance on easily dispellable and purgable buffs and procs, is not going to help.