Profiles and Points


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This week's release is massive -- there are two big new features to enjoy, right now on PureFun:

1. Revamped profiles. Now, the profiles have been reworked for user-friendliness, displaying the user's reviewed items and lists. See my profile.
2. Points. In previous versions of PureFun, we've tinkered around with the points system, but now we're taking it seriously. If you log in and look in the upper-right, you'll get an up-to-the-minute total of your points... clicking it will detail exactly how you got there. Also, all your prior contributions were credited to your account automatically, so it's as if we've had the points system since the beginning! Check out my points breakdown to see how I racked up 6,420 points.

As you can see, we're constantly tweaking our website. If you have any questions or comments about PureFun, don't hesitate to swing by our forums or send us an e-mail. We won't bite, promise!

More new features on the way. In the mean time, help us make our StatRaiser goal!