PvP Tuesday 6/16 8:30 PM EST


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Well it was fun last week, so lets do some more Alliance Battles! Here's the info:

Meet: In SoE Guild Hall at 8:30 PM
Required: Factions expansion. No PvP experience necessary.
Recommended but not required: Teamspeak (get it free at www.teamspeak.com), microphone (you can still use TS without a mic) and an empty slot to create a PvP-only character. Again, these are recommended but not required.

Bring any build, but you may want to follow these guidelines:

  • No res sig needed
  • Self heal is very helpful
  • Speed boost is helpful
  • Mass damage is helpful for capping altars
Bringing a monk is not recommended unless you are experienced or really want to try it. It is very tricky.



I'll try to be there. I put it on my calendar :)

*edit: I posted it on the xfire calendar.
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Yay Dea!! Sorry I didn't make it.. But I was at 6 flags again :)


It was a blast! We got our rears handed to us on the first one, but then our group won several in a row by a pretty good margin. Hope to see you next time, STC!