Queue times

It will taper down in time....right now everyone is trying to play at the exact same time. WoW's launch was the same. I would rather put up with queues now, than have Trion open a ton of servers to quell the immediate need and have them be ghost towns in the long run (WAR/Aion).

Briarcliff was down to a 1.5 hour queue at about 9:30AM EST....it's quickly rising back up!
Same issue tonight, Want to play at 9pm, so I started log in now at 8pm and it shows 4 hours, 699 in que before me... Just interested to find out how long it will take.
I haven't been able to get on yet because of the servers :) Hope to soon, but hopefully not at the same time as Lloren.
@ 7:14pm Eastern, I can see 379 pairs of ears in front of me. Timer saying 2hrs +. Been sitting here snoozing, twiddling my thumbs, reminiscing. No better time to order a pizza for pickup. :) Can't wait!!!
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been really good as of late, looks like people are spreading out across the servers, none of them are low and most are high.