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We changed our old Ranking Structure. This is the third change in the Knights history. Each rank has a function in the guild. Rank can be achieved through willingness to accept the responsibility that goes with the rank. Each person’s character is to be treated as a separate being to keep in line with the role-play we try to promote. Please consider the ranks carefully and pick the one that you will enjoy and that you will be able to serve your guild at. If everyone takes an active role in their rank we will be a much stronger guild for it!

Rank 9 - Disciple – (Knight Applicant)
A Disciple is new to the Knight of the Trinity family. This rank is for those seeking a fold. It gives the person time to be sure the KoT is where they want to be and to get familiar with who we are and what we are all about. Time in this rank depends on activeness. Usually is anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Rank 8 - Knight – (Knight Errant of Christ at Level 5 and 2 weeks service)
This rank is for those still learning their place in the guild; and are uncomfortable with taking a position in the guild. They are considered a genuine Ritter Von Gott. With all duties , responsibilities and entitlements.

Rank 7 – Ensign- (level 10 and at least 2 weeks of service)
Ensign is the most junior Knight Leadership rank. It is the rank bestowed on newly commissioned Knights
Rank 6 - Evangelist - (Level 20 and 1 Month of service)
a "publisher of glad tidings;" a missionary preacher of the gospel (Eph. 4:11). This title is applied to Philip (Acts 21:8), who appears to have gone from city to city preaching the word

Rank 5 - Teacher - (Level 20 and at least 1 months of service)
A teacher is one who serves as by either providing direct services to the student body of the Church. Teachers do this either by providing indirect services or direct services to the Church body. This is to further the word and correct scriptural teachings of the Bible. As all Christians should, teachers accept and teach that the bible is the infallible word of God

Rank 4 – Prophet - (Level 20 and at least 1 months of service)
The great task assigned to the prophets whom God raised up among the people was "to correct moral and religious abuses, to proclaim the great moral and religious truths which are connected with the character of God, and which lie at the foundation of his government."

Rank 3 - Apostle – (Sub Officers Level 30 and at least 1 months of service)
A person sent by another; a messenger; envoy. This word is once used as a descriptive designation of Jesus Christ, the Sent of the Father (Heb. 3:1; John 20:21). It is, however, generally used as designating the body of disciples to whom he entrusted the organization of his church and the dissemination of his gospel

Rank 2 –Elder – (Officers Of the Guild, Level 30 and at least 2 month of service. Limited postions established by number of members in the Guild)
The "elders" of the New Testament church were the "pastors" (Eph. 4:11), "bishops or overseers" (Acts 20:28), "leaders" and "rulers" (Heb. 13:7; 1 Thess. 5:12) of the flock. Everywhere in the New Testament bishop and presbyter are titles given to one and the same officer of the Christian church. Elders are officers of the Guild as they are in the Church. They are responsible for the day to day functions of the guild. They are to Train up the Apostles, who in turn train the Teachers, who in turn train the Evangelist and so on. A heavy Burden falls upon the Elders; they are the nervous system of the Guild. They are held accountable for the direction of the guild. They can hold the Council accountable.

Rank 1 – Councilor (only 2 Positions) - Job Description – Father and Mother elder assist the Guild leader in all decision making, they listen and guide the Elders in the course of action for the guild, The Guild master and the Father and Mother Elder will decide the course of the guild through prayer, fasting, and suggestions from guild members.

Rank 0 – Seneschal- (Only 1 Position) Job Description –A medieval Steward of a great house. A steward in medieval times who managed the retainers of a noble house. That’s what the guild leader must be a servant of his Knightly church. A servant of his church.
As you may have noticed I did not use the title Shepard or Pastor. Only one how has held the title was a pastor and the Shepard I know is the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ himself. (Won’t we all love it if He was the guild leader?) But we do what we can and Honor God as we may.

Now Evangelist, Prophets, Teachers, and Apostles are stepping stones and functioning positions. If you are level 40 and feel you are called to be an evangelist, IT IS NOT LOWER than apostle or a teacher.

There are only 3 leadership ranks

Except for timed ranks Disciple thru Ensign. The ranks of :

3. Prophet (Non-direct Leadership role Level 20 and at least 4 months of service. Guild Crafters, artisans, and retires)
4. Apostle (Sub-Officers Level 30 and at least 4 months of service
5. Teacher (Level 20 and at least 2 months of service)
6. Evangelist (Level 20 and at least 2 months of service

These are titles and are ranks for you to decide what function you with to take in the guild. Where is your gift? Are you a teacher, an evangelist, a prophet or an apostle? You tell the guild and it’s the elders’ job to help you be comf0rtable and come with the resources to help you accomplish your calling.
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