Request to Join SoE/SOE thread

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Tribe of Judah Aion Chapter Leader
In order to join SoE/SOE you must become a member of Tribe of Judah (Toj). Once you have been accepted into Toj please post your Toj Name and your Guild Wars Character name in your post requesting a Guild invite. Once you have been accepted and recieved your invite please post an introduction post in the forum introducing yourself to the community. Thank you for your interest in joing Spirit of Elijah / Spirit of Elisha. For more info on joining click the following link


Absolutely NO spam in this thread it will be deleting and you will recieve a warning. Also Only Officers will be allowed to respond to this thread. Please wait for the Introduction thread to post Welcome comments Thank YOU!
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I would like to Join SOE

My Char name:

Aela Enthad
Walk By Faith

couple others that I dont play much

I have all 3 Guild wars
Hail and well met my friends, my name is Beth and my character names are Bethshaya Dayne and Page Dayne.

I have played with ToJ in a few games off and on through the years. Most recently in Dark Age of Camelot.

I am 36 years old and the mom of a 13 yr old (yes, he's also a GW player). I am an avid roleplayer and have played with and held leadership roles in Shadowclan in DAOC and Star Wars, and played with them in DAoC and Wow.

I am new to Guild Wars and it looks like the storyline is rich and the gameplay is fun. I only have the first Guild Wars, but I plan on getting the expansions soon. I would love to join the bunch again travelling in the world of Guild Wars and adventuring with Christian friends again. You can't get much better than that!
Welcome Bethshaya Dayne, may your journey with SOE be a long and joyous one. We look forward to exploring with you. If you find yourself in want of supplies seekout of the the adventurers below and ask. Please announce your arrival to the rest of the guild so they may greet you as well.

Rho Mangelon
Excited to Join

Please invite my main character:

Nylan Zehevason

I've played guild wars for over a year and glad I found some Christian gamers.

See you online!
What is your ToJ name? I cannot send you an invite until you have join Tribe of Judah.
TOJ name?

I'm pretty sure my TOJ name is the same there as here: kevstoy.

I see on the TOJ webpage, I made the welcome new members. :)

I think I also need to register on SOE website too huh?

Well, if you need anything else please let me know.

Looking forward to meeting guildees.

Looking to Join SoE

Howdy Howdy!

ToJ Name: Shamgar
GW Character: Elijah Goadox

Woo Hoo!

Looking forward to good clean fun!
I'm being presumptuous because I signed up, but haven't gotten a ToJ acceptance email yet :) (but I really would love to join!)

ToJ: TSCavalier
GW: Rayl Odon (Me/R), Rha Ladan (Rit/N), Rhon Lar (W/P)
Welcome TSCavalier!

You aren't on the ToJ roster yet, but as soon as you are we'll get you an invite.
Welcome to the guild TSCavalier! Your invite has been sent to Rayl Odon in game. Looking forward to fellowshipping with you!

Don't forget to introduce yourself on the forums here and create your profile on the SoE website.
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