Rogue Leader 2


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I can't get past the "Prisons of the Maw" level on Rogue Leader 1 for Gamecube. I'm stuck on the part where you shoot the guns to save the prisoners or whatever. Can anyone help me?
I haven't played it, but a friend has, and he was stuck on that same level. Sorry, I'm not much help, but it sounds like a hard level.
You can look on, and if that doesn't help, you can enter the unlimited lives code at the passcodes screen. First, put in:

jpvi?ijc and then hit enter, it'll make a beep saying that it's wrong. Then enter
rsbfnrl and then R2-D2 should make a like singing sound, and that means it was correctly entered.
Well, call me a bad gamer why don't you!
Don't worry. I'm the king of slow gamers. When people say a game is 30 will take me 40-50 hours. I like being slow. Makes me feel I get more for my money.