Rogue PvP Build


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Any rogues want to look at this build, its something I threw together. I'm looking for a workable, strong pvp build. I think any build that picks up:

  1. Adrenaline Rush
  2. Blade Fury
  3. Mace Specialization
  4. Hemo
  5. Preperation
  6. Improved kick
Has got to have enough umph in it to beat most casters. There should be enough spell push back, interupts and stuns to make anybody with mana cry, assuming I'm using wound poison and mindnumbing poison.
Howdy Avesther,

Talk about timing, I just posted something very similar on TheForgiven's page. Mine talents were very similar to the ones you picked out with only a couple differences. Here's what I am looking at:

One thing I do recommend is the Dirty Trick talent. The increased range doesn't seem like much, but I have have seen it used (on me as well as others) and it seems like a nice thing to have. Plus, a 50%reduction on the energy means a quicker second strike.

In PvP, a good mace is any mace so long is its getting you 6% stun and its fast for spell push back. Popping Bladefury and slice and dice gets you insane spell push back (I've had spells pushed back so far that they've been cancelled) and considering prep gets you a second bladefurry during the fight and add mindnumbing poison and casters are looking at having their 1.5 second cast pushed to 8 seconds (2.5s casts to 10, 3.5s pushed to 15, if not cancelled) and if its a healer and you have wound poison, you just made that 1.5 second flash heal pointless, even if they are discipline.