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I am a big fan of RPGs, and I was wondering if you would allow (moderators and admins) me to set up a few. The Poll won't affect anything if you admins and mods say no, but it will give me an idea of if I should us my time to do such.
I typically don't play RPG's often (of the Starcraft, KOTOR sort) though I only have problems with ones that contain magic, etc...Fable would be a good example as there is sex in the game (though the screen goes black, but still) and stuff like that.

Games like KOTOR, in my opinion, rock. That is my kind of RPG.

@Penguin: What specifically are you asking?
I mean Text based RPGs to be played on the Forum itself. It is more
of a big story written by many authors than a game. You decied what you want to do, and write it down. The only thing that isn't controled by you is the world, which will be created by the RPG author. I will give you an example.

RPG name: Futura
Descrption: What will the world be like in the future, will there be aliens, will Humans still be on earth? Find out in this Futuristic Fantasy World.

Sign up Sheet: (this is where you creat your character for the adventure)
Race: (I may have created several Races (or taken them from prexsiting rpgs i.e. dwarfs etc.) These will be inclueded in the description
Class: (different RPGs have several classes i.e. Bounty Hunter, Soldier, Federal Agent, Theive.)
Weapons: (I know I prefer action in my RPGs, but this is up to you)
Power: (in some fantasy worlds magic, or other types of Powers can be inclueded.)
Bio: (A short description or history of you character, optional.)
I don't understand why people have problems with things like sex in Fable. You can play the entire game without ever seeing the sex aspect. You can play the entire game without ever getting married (which is the only way you can have sex).

And no one mentions that the penalty for divorcing your wife is one of the most severe in the game.

Just because the possibility exists to commit an act in the game doesn't mean you have to commit it. It's possible for you to commit adultery in the real world, what stops you from committing it? Presumably the same thing that would stop you from committing it in the game: your morals.
Well, I think it's more of an issue of them actually taking the trouble and putting it in to the game.

It's almost as if it's something they wanted  
.  No big deal of course, but why put something that is so silly and take the effort to add it in the game.  I don't think it's the act that bothers anybody, just the ...strange reasoning behind it.
It's just like that you have the option to play as a Pokemon creature in super smash brothers...you don't have to be him, but the option is there.

I might just not play Fable because I would rather spend my time playing other games as well, you know