Scholo run on 4/6/06


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A few of us attempted to do a Scholo run tonight, however it was kind of a last moment thing and we couldn't really get a group together. Since we couldn't get a group, we are planning on a Scholo run on Thursday 4/6, at 8pm Server Time. Please post back if you would like to go. (This is a 5 man insance now so if you need to go, speak up sooner than later.)

Reason - lvl 60 Priest
Durruck - lvl 60 Mage
Angus Og - lvl 60 Warlock
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If we can't find a tank, I can bring my warrior instead of my mage (opening a caster spot) However, I'm trying to make the run so that I can get to the alchemy lab and craft flasks (as well as looking for drops from a few bosses) so that would defeat the purpose of me going, but willing to do it, nonetheless :)