Scholo Run This Thursday


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I'd like to make a run to Scholo on Thursday night this week (May 4th). I'm purposely heading after this wand which drops from Death Knight Darkreaver. I'd appreciate it if some of you all could help. I'd like to walk in the door to Scholo at 8pm server time if possible. Please post back here if you would like to help and can.

Cliffs Notes:
Scholo Run
Thursday, May 4th
8pm Server time
Post to sign up

- Reason

People attending so far:

Reason - Priest
Tinie - Warrior
AngusOg - Warlock
Billyibob - can't remember. lol. my bad
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Just about any other night I could help, but I've got something else going on Thursday nights.
This Thursday night Adam and I will be at a performance our kids are putting on. We prolly won't be home until around 9 pm server time so I wouldn't be able to make the 8 pm start time...sry CC.
I had said in /g earlier that I'd come, I forgot I have to work this Thursday, so I'm out :( Good luck tho!
Updated the list of people who can attend. If we can get a full group, that would be great. If not, I'll have to move it to another day.

PS: Does anyone know how to get to Death Knight Darkreaver btw? I know he's the pally epic mount boss, but I don't know how to get there.
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If you meant the one in Dire Maul - yes; it's in the circular room in West. If that's not what you're talking about, then I have no idea.
Durruck said:
If you meant the one in Dire Maul - yes; it's in the circular room in West. If that's not what you're talking about, then I have no idea.

It's the Pally Epic Mount quest mob in Scholo. I've been there a couple times, but not sure on how to get back there. Not sure if I need to bring a Pally as well, or not.
It's Rattlegore's room. You require a pali who has done the epic mount quest and still has their summoning mats. IIRC, Adam lost his when we failed an attempt, then zoned for the night. We had to use....Daeder's(?) for the next attempt.
If you want a rogue, I can try to work out being there. If you need a pally (as it looks like you might from the above post), no prob. I will check here to see if you get the group you need (ie let me know if you need me or someone else either on this thread or pst me directly).

Good luck! :)


btw, Billyibob is an excellent dps warrior :)
Doesn't sound like we will be able to go for this particular mob unless there is a pally that has his summoning mats, like Deed said...

I will not be able to make it on Thursday night so we will have to make it for Friday night? I took today (Wednesday) off from work so I could study for my final tomorrow (Thursday) in A&P II. Since I usually have Thursdays off, I will now have to work tomorrow (Thursday) evening to make up the time. This means that for all of you who couldn't make it on Thursday night, maybe you can go on Friday night?

We will need a pally to come with us. Let me know what the summoning mats are and I will do my best to obtain what I can. I have plenty of cash so that shouldn't be a problem with the purchase.

I do apologize to those people who said they could go on Thursday, but studying is more important. For those who can go on Friday night, let me know. I won't be online (meaning playing WoW) until Friday, so post back here if you can.

Take care everyone and have a great week.
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