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Greetings, all.

I have been working on a Natural Selection server for Tribe of Judah this last week and am almost ready to open it to the public. The only thing I'm missing is responsible admins to help moderate the server.

If you would like to apply for admin status, please post a reply to this thread with your age, your Steam ID, and how many hours per week (estimated) you play Natural Selection.

(To get your Steam ID, go into any server and type status in console. Your steam id will look similar to STEAM_0:0:12345)

I will be reviewing applications and selecting admins before the public launch of the server.
yo, i can. i havn't been playing ns as much lately due in part to testing the boundaries of my computer addiction.

didnt mention this to mosqui yet but expect him to "woot" and ask for amx mods like late exp and jetpack- / lerk-lift... and i'd have to agree.
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Quote[/b] (crikket @ Nov. 06 2004,6:18)]yo, i can.
*poke* Then I need your Steam ID. I already know your age and have a rough estimate how many hours a week you (usually) play NS.

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Quote[/b] ]ask for amx mods like late exp and jetpack- / lerk-lift... and i'd have to agree.
*pokes crikket and points to other thread* I definitely want to hear what plugins you and Mosquito Morte suggest.
i would have to get into it, never played natural selection.... but I would be interested... to help out..
Age: 19
id: STEAM_0:0:445411
hours a week: Probably about 5 to 8...since I'm getting fed up on CS, NS should eventually replace it. I'm usually within contact (if there's trouble on the server).
Everyone jumps at admin but noone applies to be recruiter...

May i suggest that those who want priveledge, earn respect.
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Quote[/b] (phasetim @ Nov. 07 2004,4:15)]i would have to get into it, never played natural selection.... but I would be interested... to help out..
Okay. You have admin on the CS server, correct phasetime? If the CS server operators judge you trustworthy to admin there, I'd trust you to moderate the NS server.

Just need your Steam ID.
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Quote[/b] (rizz @ Nov. 07 2004,4:16)]Count me in.. as usual.
*poke* Need your Steam ID, sir.

EDIT: Strike that--and thank you for pointing out the list of CS server admins complete with Steam IDs.

If CS server admins want admin on the NS server, just post "I want admin!" or something like it. I'll check the CS server admin list for your Steam ID and, assuming it's there, add you to the list of admins.

If you have admin on the CS server but haven't posted your Steam ID to the "Updated Admin List" thread in the "Server Administrator Forum," then you'll need to post it here.

yup yup im a cs admin, not sure if Im worthy, but they say i am lol.....
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Quote[/b] (phasetim @ Nov. 08 2004,8:44)]yup yup im a cs admin
Groovy! I'll hook you up with admin rights on the NS server soon (likely some time tonight). There might be a delay as I have to study the permissions system for AMX Mod X (it's different from Admin Mod) and decide on a "generic" admin rights level.
Just noticed this thread today!
Anyways I'd love to help out a NS server! I think it would be a great addition to our community. I'm already an admin on the CS server...

#1 "[]babo 1472 STEAM_0:1:951039 0 00:16 145 23

just incase you need it!...
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Quote[/b] (phasetim @ Nov. 09 2004,1:41)]kewl, will you e-mail me with info how to use the admin commands and any other info i need?
AMX Mod X commands

Activating AMX Mod X rights:

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Quote[/b] ]If you use steamid/wonid or ip you don't have to set a password.
If you do set a password then you have to add this to the client's autoexec.cfg, which is in their mod folder (create one if not):

setinfo <password field> "password"
setinfo _pw "mypw"
<password field> is the value of amx_password_field (set in amxx.cfg)
I suggest creating a separate .CFG file instead of adding the commands to your autoexec.cfg. That way, you can execute it ONLY when you join the NS server.

To simplify matters, I suggest creating a shortcut like-ah-so:

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Quote[/b] ]"C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\half-life\hl.exe" -console -game ns +exec "ns\tojns.cfg" +connect
And yes, I'll be posting this information in a related thread shortly, once I reorganize the forums.
I would like to become an admin but i am not home to post my id so can you reserver a slot please

age 12
[]TheJfreak steam id will be edited when i get home in a week
Mmmm.... Just thinking, do we have ANY admin for the server? *bringing this back to life i assume is better than just new topic?