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Some friends of mine formed a small raid against some towns in the Horde territory of Kalimdor. Read about the raids by going here -

The pictures have not been downsized so the loading will be a little slow. In the future I will be putting up similar articles and write ups of events going on in the world - let me know by posting here, or by giving me an email or IM of what you would like me to specifically cover.
i was there, man i love invis, when 50 lvl 50's show up to defend you invis and hide while watching everyone get slaughtered, maybe not the bravest, hence why i am a mage i use my brain ^_^
Every little bit I am trying to write a new article for the fans to kind of look at and get a little bit of insight into the game. This week's article is about the style and flavor of WoW, and there are 8 new screenshots included.

Check it out by clicking here .

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

If you have any input about future articles please post them in any of these threads
I was listening in on a conversation in the general chat channel in the game, and someone said "WoW is a living, breathing world, and I'd live in it." Three other people quickly agreed with her.

This is just a small testament to how lively and colorful this game is.
There are screenshots . . .

Anything else, or that we should talk about specifically? It's kind of hard to do question answer through a forum, and if we still did it I have a feeling we'd only have two or three questions hehe.
The standard WASD keys, as well as up, down, left, and right arrows. You can also move by holding down both buttons of the mouse - by then turning it either way changes your direction as you run.
its not released in oz yet. I'll have to pass the link on to some of my buddies who are going to get it.

We have a new article up this week and it is about the Alliance's Stormwind City.

I hope you enjoy, and next week will either be about one of the quests found in Duskwood, or of the different instances and dungeons in the game.

I'm trying to come up with a more Christian name for our guild, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Fearsome Fury of the Forest Fawn is out of the question.
We have a new WoW Legends article up this week, and you can check it out by clicking here .

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It's about my character as a Paladin and Engineer, Miner, and Blacksmither.  Though it's not anything you can learn much from, it should be a little bit entertaining at the least.  

My next articles will be about the questing system, and an in depth view of where the classes stand in the game, at the moment.