Server name for after public launch?

Tek7 (Legacy)

CGA & ToJ President
Okay. I'm taking suggestions for the server name. Once the server officially opens to the public (and we have our bit of fanfare about it), I'm going to take off the "::Testing" and add on something else.

I was thinking of adding, "::LatejoinXP/LerkLift" or something of the sort. What do you all think?
Hrm. What about:

"Tribe of Judah Christian NS3.0b5 |superlift xtralevels latejoinxp|"

I'd have to get superlift working first, of course. In the mean time, I could sub in "amxx" to let everyone know we're using AMX Mod X.

Whaddya think?
For the time being, I've changed the server name to:

Tribe of Judah Christian NS3.0b5 [15 level co, latejoinxp]
Keep it simple. Tribe of Judah::Christian NS3.0b5. Put the info about the mods in the MOTD.

Also, users can see addons like metamod and amx through server browsers.