Share Your Warframe Builds!


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Got a swag build that makes your Warframe tanky, stealthy, or super-stronk? Share them here!

To clarify, the purpose of this thread isn't so much about who has the best build but rather to help give each other ideas on where to start on a Warframe's build and how to improve our own current builds. There are many ways to build a Warframe for different scenarios, so let's create builds that not only help make our Warframes feel stronger but to also enhance our gameplay and enjoy the game. :D

Note that this is only for Warframe builds and their relevant exalted weapons (i.e. Excalibur's Exalted Blade, Mesa's Regulators, Valkyr's Talons, etc.) builds. Builds for actual weapons, companions/sentinels, archwings, etc. will be in other discussion threads in the later future.

To keep this fairly consistent, please use the following format:
  • Name of the Warframe
  • Name of the Warframe's exalted weapon (if applicable)
  • Build concept
  • Screenshot or a link of your Warframe build in Warframe Builder
  • Screenshot or a link of your Warframe's exalted weapon build (if applicable) in Warframe Builder
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As an example, here's my Mesa Prime build. This is not my original build, but it's based off of FrameMastery's build guide here.

Warframe Name: Mesa Prime

Exalted Weapon: Regulators Prime

Build concept: High/max duration, no negative stats. A gunslinger build where I can have fun using Mesa Prime's 4th ability and have some damage mitigation with her 2nd and 3rd ability. A fairly good build for mid-game or even end-game content. I don't have the ideal arcanes and my mods are not fully maxed, but I'm hoping to get those done someday.

Warframe Build: 2210

Exalted Weapons Build: 2211