Shocking isn't it


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Its official. I am dropping out of tanking to pursue my career as a Shockadin. I may never be invited to a raid again past kara but those 3k Holy Shock Crits are just to intoxicating to give up.

I was spec'd 40/0/21 so I didn't have the bonus to Righteous Fury but it still generates a lot of threat. I had salvation running during kara and was hounding the tanks on threat when I would trinket, wings, consecrate then holy wrath tee hee hee.
I'm sure the idea that they were generally new, inexperienced and severly undergeared compared to you, didn't help.
Upgraded a few more pieces and was able to get 1200 spell damage and 27% spell crit for a kara run last night. Was putting out just shy of 600 dps on average with a 40 Holy/21 Retribution spec. With more practice I could probably up that to about 650-700 dps with better timed use of my trinkets and wings as I missed a lot of extra damage from them. I think I could tack on another 50-100 spell damage but I am running out of plate upgrades aside from S2 and S3 pvp gear. Anyone have suggestions for easy to obtain trinkets with spell damage/spell crit as those are my lowest level items now?

Don't worry, this is my pvp and Kara DPS build only as I love tanking to much to give it up. Just curious to see how far I can min/max this build for Kara.

Do you consider Icon of the Silver Crescent "easy to obtain" at 41 badges? It'd be a pretty good upgrade.
40/0/21 build that goes into holy for improvements to Seal of Righteousness, Spell Damage/crit increases and the main reason, Holy Shock. Retribution you go into for the mana conservation on judgments and 10% improved holy damage.

Shockadins can have some sick burst because judging does not use a global cool down so you can judge and shock at the same time which can do a lot of damage if you have your wings out and trinkets enabled. Saw a video the other day of a shockadin dropping an instant 8,000 damage on a target. Which usually puts someone in range of a Hammer of Justice all in 4-5 seconds of time. The burst is only available every 3 minutes and dependant on critting so Shockadins are not over powered. The real nice thing is a shockadin is a very capable healer stacking spell crit and enough spell damage to still heal inbetween shock/judgement bursts.

I giggle a little every time I one shot someone as a sword and board pally.