Shoot 'Em Up


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When I just watched the beginning, I was surprise the gunfighting would start and it almost never stopped throughout the movie. :cool:

Some people would say the movie has too much gunfighting.

Though, the movie is not recommend for minors and people who dislike repetitive gunfighting.

I liked the movie, especially with the tons of killing and intense bullets-flying action.
Be warned this movie not only has AWESOME action, but a lot of Foul Language and a fair amount of Nudity is in this movie as well. I do not recommend it for those reasons. For sure not a family movie. If you can get passed the language and Nudity it was one of the most action packed movies I have ever seen.
I've been wanting to see this movie since I saw the previews for it. Glad to hear that it was good.
I loved this movie, it was a true homage to the action flicks of the 80s. As long s you dont expect more than kiss kiss, bang bang, cheesy line.
I wasn't terribly impressed with it. Had to much profanity/nudity for me. but i did like the comedic touch in the end.
The Movie itself, the whole, "I eat a carrot and suddenly I can shoot perfect shots every time" Was pretty funny. All the gun fight sequences, plus the way they had the hero go about winning against superior odds was also very well done.

I didn't even finish the movie, The nudity at the beginning surprised me, then...when he got to the point where he was having sex with the girl and killed 50 baddies... And the lame joke... It was too much. The language got to me, the sex, the nudity... It was too much. They get a C for effort, but a F- for execution.

Not a movie for anyone over or under the age of 18. Its a miss. Don't see it.