Should Christians Accept LGBTQ?


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It's no secret that the Bible condemns homosexuality in both the old and new testament. It's called an abomination. This is the Word of God. However, the Bible also says not to judge. To love others. This suggests that homosexuality is a sin but that we should still love the sinner and hate the sin.

The problem is repentance. We are called upon to repent of our sins and be saved. While nobody will ever be perfect, we can't call it repentance if we plan to go out and do it again.

If I cheat or lie, I know I have done wrong. What about the homosexual? Does he or she know they have done wrong. The Bible condemns living proudly in sin and I see that as what is happening. How can they repent and be saved if they refuse to recognize that it's wrong to begin with?

For me, that's the rub. On one hand, popular opinion says no discrimination. On the other hand, are we exacerbating a problem by accepting them? The LGBTQ movement teaches it's not wrong and the Bible says it is...
With few exceptions, Christian denominations agree that the Bible teaches that homosexuality is sin. The Bible also teaches that a person's eternal destination--whether they spend eternity with God in heaven or separated from God in hell--depends solely on whether or not they accept Christ's offer of salvation.

In many, though admittedly not all cases, those who engage and boast in homosexual lifestyles do not agree with essential Christian teaching, such as the identity of Christ as the son of God and how a person can be forgiven of their sins.

There are Christians who agree on points of essential doctrine, but disagree on non-essential doctrine, such as whether or not homosexuality is sin. "Non-essential" does not mean "unimportant" as "all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work" (2 Timothy 3:16-17, ESV). I believe that the Bible clearly teaches that God's design for sex is for one man and one woman within the bounds of marriage, but there are Christians who disagree.

So what do we do when the Bible teaches a lifestyle is sinful and those around us disagree? We submit to the authority of Scripture, but we remain civil. Jesus is our perfect example of this response when he speaks to the woman at the well (John 4:4-42) and again when he speaks to the woman caught in adultery (John 8:1-11).

Jesus' reserves his harshest rebukes for people who took the means God had established for worshipping Him and instead exploited them for their own selfish gain (John 2:13-16) and those who refused to practice what they preached (Matthew 23:27-28).

I hope this helps! Thank you for posting your question. It can be very difficult to navigate a culture that has turned away from any claims of absolute truth in favor of relativism, but Christians are called to share the Gospel in word and deed rather than retreat from the world. Remember that Jesus prayed in John 17:15 for His followers, "I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one."

If you're not already involved in a local church that faithfully teaches the Bible, I'd recommend finding and joining one in your area. There are many Christians who could answer your question more succinctly and clearly than I can and it's important for us to participate in Christian community where we live (though I pray that the CGA can be a blessing as a supplemental ministry!).
that's an interesting question. My eldest is gay...declared it driving home right after she turned 18. While she is my daughter..and I will do whatever I can for her..i have told her I do not accept her lifestyle...note the word lif3estyle....choice. I told her I will always love her and will always help her if needed but I will not give her away to a woman or a man who is "trans". It made for a tense situation until my eldest figured out that she can still count on me for everything else that fathers can be counted on..just not walking her down the aisle to a gay wedding...
Hate the sin, love the sinner is what I understand that the Bible teaches. Is their sin worse than other sins? What about the "Christian" who cheats on their taxes, has an affair, looks at porn, pleasures themselves, finds a wallet and does not return it, drinks heavily, etc. Those are all sins and God sees them.

Many "Christians" condemn not only the LGBTQ lifestyle but also the people. I used to be one of those. If you slam the door shut, you can't reach them with Christ. Does that mean a Church should accept them as a full member? I don't think so but they should be welcome to attend.

One of my Christian discord communities has a couple of "trans" people. One was born female, the other born male. They're not active in the community but they're not shunned either. Honestly, most of the members probably have no idea. I said to the person who thinks he's a woman now that God still loves him/her. Will they still go to heaven? That's up to the Lord. I realize that they are probably unrepentant sinners, but there are a lot of Christians that do things in secret that are also unrepentant. If God slams the door shut on all those folks, Heaven will be a pretty empty place.
my edldest daughter is a lesbian...i will never turn from her as she is my blood...but i have told her i will never accept her lifestyle choice..but she iwill always be my duaghter and if he needs something I can help with i will never turn her away because she's gay. Love my daughter(the sinner as it were) h:hate: the sin..her homosexuality.
my edldest daughter is a lesbian...i will never turn from her as she is my blood...but i have told her i will never accept her lifestyle choice..but she iwill always be my duaghter and if he needs something I can help with i will never turn her away because she's gay. Love my daughter(the sinner as it were) h:hate: the sin..her homosexuality.
The parent that tells their child no to stop them from doing the things that harm themselves and others is a selfless parent. They love their child more than themselves. The selfish parent is the one that loves the love they receive from the child more than they love the child and will let them do anything. Stay strong HCS not only for love of Christ and His righteousness but for the love of your child who needs to be called to repentance.

I have little in the way of experience with talking to people but would advise those dealing with LGBT to have not only the Biblical backing but logical reasoning for what you believe straight in your mind lest you fall prey to the erroneous excuses LGBT, or really any sin, uses. Remember though nonsense can be refuted easily but if they will listen remains up to their acceptance of the Holy Spirit, not you. Until they long to do right, by God, nothing you can say will change their mind. The righteous have reasons, answers to questions for what they do, sinners only have excuses and feelings.

A few common excuses include...

1. How can you be against "love":
Two of the same sex can love each other as friends, as parent and child, as mentor and student, selflessly as neighbors, they can even live together as roommates (though not advised if sexual temptation is in the picture). Christians are not "against love". The "love" LGBT reference is a specific kind of love, romantic sexual love (or possibly just lust) and that is inexorably tied to sex. There are all matter of perverse -philias, attractions in peoples' heads, are you going to say all of it is "love"? There are biological requirements to the types of relationships we can have. Sex has a function and purpose. Whatever desires are in your head do not change this reality. Ok so you don't like taking out the trash but you still have to respect it needs to be done. You may not like making the baby but you still have to respect it needs to be done. We eat food to live and it is fine to enjoy food, but, once you primarily eat food to feel good and not to live one becomes obese. While if you hate food you must still accept you need to eat or you die. Desire bereft of the restraint of truth becomes sin. This is why LGBT cannot ever be considered normal or equal to heterosexuality. If it was normal, meaning nominal or the average, it would literally be the end of the world. Oh look America has been below replacement birth rates for decades hmmm...

2. My body compels me:
Straight people are compelled to have sex too and likewise must control themselves. Fornication, rape, incest, adultery, bestiality, no one gets to do everything they want. Whether sexual attraction is learned or inherent is irrelevant you still remain responsible for controlling yourself. People that cannot, or will not, control their actions either go to mental institutions or prison. That your actions are between "consenting adults" keeps you out of these places but is irrelevant to the LGBT argument that you must act upon your attraction. If other people can control themselves so can you. Personal responsibility is expected regardless of the sin. LGBT is no different and physical compulsion for it, whether it exists or not, does not change this.

3. Oh you cruel hater I am depressed and suicidal:
How do you think straight people feel when you tell them they are worthless and replaceable as fathers and mothers? When you laud LGBT you disparage traditional marriage. A cup is both half empty and half full. If anyone can do a job than that job is replaceable by definition yet no one cares about fatherless rates, birth rates, or the straight guy who offs himself because he feels unneeded. LGBT tells people they can be anything they want, you cannot. Now one can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, you can fight against sin through Him, but will Christ act against Christ's will? NO! The fundamental core goal of Christianity is to align ourselves with what is right, a.k.a. God's will, not to pray to the god genie for stuff Matthew 22:37-38 . You will NOT get everything you desire in life and no Christian, LBGT or not, should ever want to.

It is far easier to let everyone do whatever they wish than evoke the "cruelty" of saying no but if one legitimately cares one says no to people that are hurting themselves and others. The consequences of sin hurt far more than having to deny yourself daily. Christians today hide from conflict, harsh words, and upsetting people, while our predecessors risked crucifixion for speaking their faith (and still do in some places). Yet some "Christians" still have the gall to wonder how sin has gotten so prevalent. You can make your words as ginger sweet as you wish but at some point you realize people aren't being offended by the words but by the truth itself. That their offense hides their inability to give reason for their beliefs. That is their problem, not yours, and you cannot let it stop you from speaking the truth in Christ.
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Good stuff! You can’t live their sin or clean it away. Lol like oh my we are equipped with Love and what can Love do! Pffft we chose our shoes and they choose theirs. Our job beyond Undeserved Love is to show them there is a better shoe manufacturer.