Some of my new games


I have been getting some sweet deals and am so excited, I want to let you know.

I just picked up three new games over the weekend at a brand new EB Games.  They had a bargain shelf and then everything was 25% off on TOP of the price!!!!

1) Star Wars - Battle for Naboo ($3.74) - Wooohooooo!!!!!!!  Add another to my Star Wars collection.

2) Conquest: Frontier Wars ($2.51) - My brother got this when it first came out and has highly recommended it.  I have seen the price for this move down and down, but at this price, I could not resist.  Unfortunately they lost a deal with Microsoft, so this game never made it big.

3) Call To Power II (.99) - I didn't really know anything about it except it was Civ-like.  I didn't care at that price.  Actually, the guy at the register told me it was mismarked.  Supposed to be $9.99.  He still gave me the marked price.  Yeah for EBX!!!!

In November a visit to another EBX got me Starfleet Command I and Star Trek: Birth of the Federation for a total of $4.49.

And a visit to another game store in December got me Star Wars: Rebellion for $2.50.  Wooohooo!!!!!  Another addition to my Star Wars collection.  And this game goes for around $20 on Ebay.

I have NO CLUE when I'll get to playing them.  I'm trying to focus on getting THROUGH games.  I don't want to fall into my old routine of starting a game and leaving it undone to play a new game.  I'm currently replaying "Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine" because I never finished it.

Anyway, probably just rambling...
EB Gameworld? I know in the area, I didnt know they had such low prices.

Btw, I love your sig Nspire
EB is the best. They have a large selection of used games, and some at unbelievable prices. I had a PII 300 for a long time (3.5 years) and was basically forced to only play older games. And actually, for about a year, I was getting everything for FREE (with CompUSA rebates). Unfortunately, they have slowed down on the free stuff.

I mostly buy games for under $5. And they aren't junk either. I will almost always find, then search for reviews on-line, and then buy what got good/decent reviews. This last time, I hardly knew anything about "Call To Power II", but .99 was reasonable for me to take a chance. I know "Battle for Naboo" didn't get great reviews, but I will buy almost ANY Star Wars game. The only one I won't is the Rebel Assault series. I had Rebel Assault II and it was so bad I gave it to a friend's kids who loved it.