Song of Songs


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Song of Songs 1-8

This was actually yesterday's reading, but I wasn't on-line long enough to write anything. We read the whole book, and I didn't want to leave this book without a thread.

Well, this one can be a toughie to understand. There are so many analogies in there. But, very simply put, this is a story of what true love is supposed to be like. The book talks about both the physical AND emotional side to love.

This book describes the love God expects us to have between husband and wife. It is a love of both gratitude and celebration. We certainly read about that celebration within the chapeters.

This book is sometimes called Solomon's Song of Songs or Song of Solomon. The title almost implies it was written by Solomon, and most people believe this to be true. Especially since the very first verse starts with "Solomon's Song of Songs". Even so, there are others who believe this is actually written by several authors.

Many people also believe this to be an example of Christ's love for the church or God's love for Israel, but it's probable this is not the intent at all. It is strictly to describe, as mentioned earlier, the love between a husband and wife.

Another interesting note is the name of God is never mentioned.