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Well hello everyone, I have been asked too step down since i couldn't take the stress of being a chapter leader. So i'm stepping down on New Years since tek7 is a nice guy and letting me step down then instead of now. Ill miss being apart of alot of stuff that i wont be allowed in anymore.Being a chapter leader has thought me alot of stuff.. i've made alot of bad choices but somehow alot of people still trust me. I have abused my powers and i know it was wrong at times, But when you have so much responsibility it makes it hard not to. I love all of you and this will maybe be the last post i make as a chapter leader.. So i guess ill do my last report then say my chapter leadership goodbye :) .

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Blsimpson Is currently trying for the Chapter Leader, He is an amazing guy when you get too know him. So If he becomes Chapter Leader I am glad we will have an experienced leader. Thank you Blsimpson for being a great Side-kick.

Ill leave the rest of the report for the new Chapter Leader, Since He or She will need too learn the basics ill leave it too the newbie too make the report.

Thanks everyone for helping me!

Catakou~Chapter Leader~ 8/18/11~1/1/12~
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As a player I'd like to say:

You did a good job at a very tough time for the Minecraft Chapter. Those outside may not know how tough it was to walk us through what we went through. I also have to say that although you did abuse your powers in game, you really didn't when it came to decisions you made for the chapter. I know how much you conferenced with other players, such as toj_grey and toj_ben before making any major decisions. Not many leaders would have done that.

As a mom I'd like to say:

That yes, you did make some bad choices, but I have seen you grow through the whole experience. Every leader makes a bad choice or two. How much you have matured can be seen in what you wrote here.

As a Christian I'd like to say:

Thank you to all those "men" who have helped Cata through this. Everyone has been patient and did a very good job in guiding him though the tough times. Most especially Tek7, Bascom, Blsimpson, toj_ben, and toj_grey, but others as well. When some would get mad, impatient, or frustrated, you guys wouldn't. You took the time to help strengthen and support Cata while still giving valuable input. Thank you!

And I do have to say that Bl would do a fine job at chapter leader!!