Strange races


Growing up in the realm of Teldrassil hasn't been too bad. While our little corner of the world suffers corruption of its own kind, its a very beautiful place for us dark elves to enjoy. I did have a love interest here and that had blossomed into a wonderful thing. I was ready to hang my adventuring hat and settle. Have a whole gaggle of little elves with the pitter patter of little feet. But that is over and my heart broken. Even among elves! Can you imagine that?

Of course, some of the other races aren't that much better. Humans for instance! I've never seen such selfishness and greed in all my life as among them! But they have one redeeming quality about them. Damchi. Awesome human. Saved my life he did! Sacrificed his own to do so. A prayer to the creator brought him back!

Dwarves are fascinating creatures. They've tamed the mountains quite well just as we've tamed the wilderness. Gnomes are also interesting as they seem to have tamed rocks beyond anything you could imagine! They're devices are extraordinary.

Still, I won't stop in my task, a task given to us by our creator from day one: to care for the world He's given us and to be thankful constantly. That I will do. That I will do.