Suggestions Anyone?


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Ok, I am gonna make a new toon with the intent on joining a ToJ guild..

Here are my dilemas, I just made 40 on my PvE server, PvE char will not transfer to stonemaul and like wise he is Alliance so of no use on Blade's Edge which means new toon creation is necessary. (I think) I have concluded that I want either a mage, a priest or a druid. Can anyone talk me into or out of any of these classes?

random thoughts are also welcomed... ;)

oh yeah, and other than druids... any thoughts on race?
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Go with druid...then you can try healer, tank and dps on the same toon without leveling 3 to find out which you like best!.
I am extremely against Druids...but that is because I cannot stand classes that have so many different jobs that they are basically useless unless done VERY carefully...