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Untill the SWTOR chapter forums have launched, I think we should just use the general discussion to keep interest going and do some chatting.

Guild Name:

For a guild name I was thinking either <Transmogrify>, which means To change into a different shape or form, especially one that is fantastic or bizarre, or <Transfiguren>, which is middle english for Transfigure, which is similar to transmogrify but is more obviously connected to christianity. Both becoming a christian and becoming a force user can be seen as going through a sort of metamorphosis.

Sever Type:

I am partial to RPPvP, which empasizes both the immersion and the PvP, and usually has strict naming rules so you don't have to see anyone named
L33TSAUC3 or PWNINGU or PROD1GY etc etc, however, last time I checked it was unclear as to what sort of server types would be available.

Social Rules Within The Guild:

I would like to see a close connection with fellow guild members. I am going to require that all members sign off on reading at least a prayer list each week to remain in the guild. I know some people don't like to be told they must do this and that, but as Guild Leader your spiritual life is important to me. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, and that relationship comes with expectations given to us by God in His word. If you are like me, staying in God's Word, being in prayer daily (other than thanks for the food), and sharing in the lives of other christians are disciplines that I often find myself lacking in and needing and hoping for accountability. I really hope that something inside of you is pleased with this idea, that you will not be able to just sit at your computer and spend hours on end with the knowledge that you are wasting your life away with nothing fruitful to show for it.

Other social expectations will be that you say hello to people when they sign on, and goodbye when they say they are signing off. It is far less annoying to be hello'd and goodbyed to death than to feel like your presence goes unnocticed. The same is true when questions are asked. I would much rather see people fighting for the chance to answer someones questions than to see someone ignored.

Guild Structure:

It is unclear how guilds will be structured, but we can assume that there will be many similarities to the basic setups we see in most our MMOs. The officer positions will be filled based on a persons helfpfulness and not their level or amount of time in the guild. Promotions just mean you are willing to take on more responsibity, not get added benefits. All guild members will have access to guild resources, and I would like to be able to develope some kind of allowance system to where lower levels can be given game currency each week provided by donations.
Depending on how crafting works, I may suggest that we have a main crafter/s who is/are given most of our crafting resources and can take and fill orders for the other members.


The very first guild I was ever in required you to have a max level character in the guild before you could put an alt in. I plan to adapt this sort of policy. Depending on whether there are limits to guild population, perhaps one alt will be accepted.
The problem with altoholics is that they become more of a drain on guild resources, and don't get to the point where they are helpful to the guild, and become more focused on themselves.
If an alt will be allowed, mains will need to be declared, and only mains will have access to guild resources, and you will be expected to honor that and not use the guild to fund your alts.

Anyway, my daughter is having some complications with her oxygen level right now, I have to go, please feel free to chime in, but please don't be rude and if you don't have something positive to say, think of the kindest way you can express yourself.
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I would think it would be wise to get a group of people together who are interested in this proposed guild and talk thru a number of issues before making any decisions.

Even some of these thoughts can be very divisive in nature and cause an explosion of conflict in public forums like these.

Just my thoughts.
Other than the name, I agree with most if not all of what you have for rules and such. I was aiming for something similar with Champions Online (a close-knit group), but never got it fleshed out.

Me likes. ^_^)_b
I would think it would be wise to get a group of people together who are interested in this proposed guild and talk thru a number of issues before making any decisions.

Even some of these thoughts can be very divisive in nature and cause an explosion of conflict in public forums like these.

Just my thoughts.

In my experience, when I have been involved in less organized and highly democratic guilds, little gets done, and lots of people (guild members) get upset when they got to vote on something but their vote was in the minority. I have seen more division occur when people get to have input into things like guild name and guild tabbard and guild whatever, when their input did not amount to the output. And when that happens more than once, it divides.

I would personally like division to occur before a person even enters the guild. I want someone to know exactly what joining the guild will amount to, what they can expect, so that very little will come up that will surprise or upset them.

Will this guild be for everyone? No. And so begins the division. If you don't like what you see, there are two other options for still being able to experience the game with this community. You can play with the Sith guild, or you can play with <The Saints of the Old Republic>, which is another light side guild within the CGA.

With that being said, there will be some decisions that I will make, and there will be some decisions that will be made by myself and a small number of officers when they are named, and there will be some decisions that everyone will be involved in. Every member will not have a say in every decision. I really hate to come across this way in the beginning, but I really believe that people need to see that they can expect things will get done and that I will not be swayed or go back and forth on issues.

You (in general, not Icthus specifically) can say that you disagree with my decision, but why would you do that? To express to me and others that you would do things differently? Like I said, I already know that many will not like or appreciate what I am offering, but you can just not join. You don't have to sit around and criticize me for what I am trying to accomplish and how I go about doing it. Give myself and those who join me your permission to do things in a way that is right for us. Different is not wrong, at least not in this case.

I understand that it is highly possible that ToJ has not had a guild or guild leader like this/me before, but I can assure you that guild members will receive the best possible care from me and our future officers, and that their gaming experience will be fun and that they will find the guild to be rewarding socially and spiritually.

Now, there are some people waiting for me to kill them on my Xbox. MW2 is calling.

Peace out. Feel free to PM me if you are interested in a leadership position within the guild or forum.
I want to say that I strongly support you giving clear communication like this. I think that setting expectations is an important part of leadership. I am excited to see the success that comes of this guild. :)