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We seem to be having a problem with organizing in ORVR. I have an idea that I would like to pass along, First we need to have each alliance have there own war band and if they don’t have enough people to make a war band then join up with another alliance to make sure you have a full war band. There are certain known leaders out there that we need to follow and we need to stop bickering with them and let them lead and if they make a mistake in your mind just let it go. The leaders of the war bands need to work together and coordinate there attacks.
When someone gets on the first thing they should do is check if there leader is on and if they have started a war band. Then you get in touch with your leader (or whom ever they have appointed) and join up with them. If your leader is not on yet then you join up with another war band till your leader gets on then you join them (put your leader on your friends list). If after so long you can’t fill your war band open it up and let others fill it.
This way we learn to fight together and we will know who to follow. We should be able to get at lest 4 war bands if not 6 or more. Anyone that has not been appointed to a war band starts one and follows the zerg. With having designated war bands we can attack more than one keep or zone and if needed join forces and take out the Distro zerg.
This is just an idea I believe it will work along with other ideas but we need to do something order is getting frustrated and are either going to leave or go off and play an alt.
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Assigning players to specific leaders can be problematic. However, having a pool of leaders that we feel confident can do the job is a different story.

Several of the points you make are being addressed by the DotM council. We'll get there. We went out and managed to fill 2 warbands this afternoon. We still got steamrolled (seriously, 5 destro warbands is just too much for us, no matter how superior our tactics and teamwork are)

Give me a few days to get some information together and I'll post what info I'm getting from DotM.