Team Omega Naxxramus Roll Call

Team Omega - Redeaux!!

So, a few more weeks of WoW time has passed and we are truly getting closer... I'm confident we can put Team Omega together and am shooting for a drop-dead target date of March 9th. (It should be up on Group Calendar now.) Below is a list of what I believe are interested players/toons:
  • Apollux/Bob = Tank [RL]
  • Pandacution/Sean = Tank [LM] (Sorry Mr. Fury DPS master, need your tanking skillz unless we can find another.)
  • Drensharra/Nathan = Uber Healer
  • Radience/Matt = Healer Priest Man
  • Reets/Tarrus = Mage DPS
  • Kahless/Tom(?) = Hunter DPS
  • Jeremayan/Jason = Shammy DPS [RA] (Will respec healing if we need it). Aosh should be lvl 80 by then too.
  • Valoden/Meaghan = Shadow Priest DPS
Still need a couple more solid DPS to make this a full squad. Please confirm your interest when you can via this post or in-game. Our Tanks & Healers are fully Naxx compliant & geared as is "most" of our DPS. As mentioned before, please read up on the Naxx fights either on WoWHead or to be familiar. Also, please do a bit of research on your toon to spec and learn shot rotations for max DPS. It's important to progress in Naxx that everyone be capable of 1,500DPS. Food buffs and Flasks/Elixirs will help you eek out some more "D33PS" as well. Many of the toons listed above have had some Naxx time so we shouldn't look like total noobs. :p

To start, I'll make this a Monday run only and look to adding a second night based on interest level and availability. I really need folks to commit and show up for this to be a success. So your communication and signing up is key.
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Debut Run!


Team Omega is full for tonight's for foray into Naxx. For those of you who see this, please read up on the Spider and Military wing.

Excited to see this run finally get off the ground. :D
Yeah I'm happy to see this group get off the ground, you will have a lot of fun in there.

Some pointers: Tanks should bring w/e they can to buff health/armor.

Spider wing bosses:

Requires your best geared tank..(Cheifly for at least 2 of the fights..I'm talking armor/health)

Here are some important highlights.. This is not an exhaustive detailed explination.

Anub'Rekhan (If you are not going to kite it): Make sure the MT calls out when the locus swarm is about to hit..(Give melee 5-7 sec warning to run out). When the locus swarm is over it's up to the MT to call for melee to come back in. ( a little off).. When the tank is able to swing on the boss again, it's safe for melee to go back in. Do not go in before that. 2 healers on the MT and be ready to over-heal.

Maexxnain this wing also incapacitates. However this time it's not just the tank, but the entire group for a few seconds. No heals for the MT during this time. The MT needs to call out 5 seconds before a webspin caccoons him and needs to be topped off before it hits. Again, dodge/parry/block doesn't work, only health and armor for those few seconds. Any hots healers can throw should be thrown when the MT warns of the incoming webspin. If the tank can't survive those hits.. It's typicaly a tank/healer gear issue. Buff up with every armor, health buff you have. The other important thing: The boss enrages at 30% and hits very hard. You won't want to get a webspin and enrage hit at the same time, so stop dps near 30 percent..let the webspin come and go and then nuke to 30%. Be ready to over-heal and hit tank specials/trinkets etc during enrage/webspins.. Also have the OT ready to grab if the MT dies.

Grand Widow Faerlina: is ..more of a coordination/timing challenge.. Once you get that down she is pretty easy.. She has an enrage timer that can be reset for 60 or 30 seconds. By killing an add near her, it resets her enrange. (You start out with 1 minute I believe.., you can refresh it by 30-60 seconds, depending on when you kill one of her adds) You get a full minute if you time it right and the add dies right as she enrages.. You get 30 seconds if you kill and add before she enranges. It's safer and easier to go with 30 second refresh..IF you have the dps to kill her before you lose all the 30 second refreshes and she enrages until dead. If you don't think you have the dps...try for the 60 second refresh. We are able to kill her now fully enraged from start to finish, but it requires good gear. (There is an achievment for doing so)

Good luck.
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So a bit of a rocky start for our debut run...

Anub'Rekhan - took 5 tries to get this ugly junebug looking thing down, but after our fourth wipe we rallied and deadified him - good!

Grand Widow Faerlina - was one-shotted despite our taking down the first add a bit early. We killed the rest of her team in proper order to remove her enrage and probably killed her with about 5 seconds before her next enrage - nice work.

Maexxna - On our fourth or fifth (third REAL effort) we got him down to about 5% and just had some plain bad luck. At this point we were just over 3 hours into the raid and called it.

Some observations from your raid leader:
  • The Raids overall DPS is too low at the present time. All DPS should be striving for 1,500, and we had too many below that number. That means the run takes longer and we go through too many boss "cycles" of webs, impales, etc. and our healers (worst case) go OOM. :(
  • Nathan's (Drensharra) Naxx 25 gear saved us many times over. He overhealed, but that's a big strain and a lot of work for him to do.
  • Some of the folks are still learning the fights, but I see no issue with that.
  • Raid "preparedness" - do you have Attack Power/Spell Power/Expertise or other food? How about flasks & elixirs?
  • How is your gear? Do you still have some lvl 70 epics equipped or lvl 74/78 quest blues? Try running some Heroics to get geared up and many of the rep gear from Revered with WotLK factions is very good.
I'm happy to tank or DPS a heroic or two when people are on in order to get everyone geared and many in the guild will help as well. Check out the Be Imba! website. It's a PvE toon rating site that shows your raid readiness level for Naxx, Heroic Naxx, OS, EoE, etc.
Also, leverage the guild for crafted epics, gem cutting, enchanting, etc. I send all my green BoE drops to Jacki, Rhys, and Ron to get disenchanted to use for my own gear enchants. We have Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, Tailors, etc. I'm also 450 in cooking (as is Renee and others) and if you send me the meat, I'm happy to cook you some raid food.

Thanks again for coming this past Monday and I look forward to Team Omega's Naxx Raid Progression. I also want to thank Jason who will be my assistant raid leader and Sean (our noob loot-master).
I have recently joined the guild and should be avaliable to help out or sub in when needed.

My toon is "Dantzor" - Unholy DK. Is the next run Sunday? I thought I saw that on the calender.
Yup, ppl are free to sign up as subs, though the raid leaders have the final say..(Myself and berstromme) It's typcially a case where a regular can't make it ..and then we see what class we need, and look at gear.
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the run monday nights run team omega is the run thas just starting not sure what they wan thte sunday night run is usally the same 10 people.
Nice Work!!

So last night was a major success (IMHO). We cruised through the first boss of Spider Wing, two shotted the Grand Widow and Maexxna and then made our way over to the Military wing. However, at the Military wing we (mostly me) went in a bit too confident and "immediately" wiped on our first trash mob (and extra trash pull). However 2 x Medallion of the Disgraced dropped in a row from such trash. :D

We did a nice job on the Instructor (two-shotted him) as we learned the fight. From there we brought down Gothik the Harvester in short order (one-shotted easily). We gave two quick runs at the Four Horsemen, but I don't think we gave them much of a scare. Good to see the fight though and I'll do a bit more research on how we can strategize for those four knuckleheads.

DPS was a major improvement from last week. :) This helped significantly and thanks to everyone for playing their role particularly well. I brought in Jurlshannara from Ronin for our Pally OT (nice w/ undead) which allowed Sean to bring out his uber Fury DPS (and pull aggro/die...). :p Thanks to Jason as well for respeccing to resto and doing an awesome healing job along with Nathan.

For next week the 23rd, I'd like to start out in the Construct Quarter (assuming we have the same, or close to the same group from this week). So please hit WoWHead or and read up on the fights. We have the DPS for it and it's a fun wing. Also nice to hit Gluth as he can drop any Naxx boss loot, excluding Sapph/KT.

And last thing I'd like to stress - having a consistency of folks in our raid will help us gel better and hasten our progression. I'd like to get to the point soon where we can knock out a wing an hour. As I stated last night the run for next week the 23rd is on Group Calendar. Hope to see the same folks back!!

EDIT: Yeah, so I meant Construct not Plague Quarter... (Noob)
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Plague Wing is actually easy and hard, depending...

Noth is a cakewalk, but to get to him you need to kill off these gargoyles by focusing your attacks on them. If you fail to focus, they heal back up to full life.

Getting to Heigan is way easy, but he is very technical. Put on your dancing shoes.

Getting to Loatheb is a bit harder, it's a classic "meat grinder" room (suppression room, gauntlet, whatever you want to call it.)

Killing Loatheb is pretty easy (once your healers get the hang of it) IF you share spores and don't let them get to your tank.
I had a good time last night as well. It was good to get back into raiding after a 2 1/2 month layoff. We had a good group last night and a good class makeup.

I've always thought the Plague Wing is easy. Noth is "Shade of Aran - part 2", just a beat down without mercy. Heigan and his dance just takes seeing it and knowing the timing (and hopefully no one has lag). And Loatheb never seemed to give us much trouble.

For Abomination Wing, as long as you keep the 2 tanks alive, Patchwerk is straight forward. Healers have to be on there toes. I actually think Grobbulus is lots easier in 10 man because you have more room and less people to avoid the sprays. I never liked the Gluth fight, those guys always seemed to sneak up behind me. And I've always viewed Thaddius like Heigan - you learn the movement from positive to negative and negative to positive side and it's easy. But everyone needs to know how to do it, one person can easily wipe the raid.

I was also thinking last night, for 10 man Four Horsemen we put 3 people in the back - 2 ranged tanks and a healer. The ranged tanks would just switch sides after 3 or 4 marks. For the front 2 guys - if DPS is high enough to burn through one before 4 marks then do that, if not - split DPS evenly (for meteor) on each one and the tanks then do the "meet in the middle-switch targets-and walk back to same spot".

Looking forward to more runs.
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We hve naxx on farm..and most of our group has all the loot they need.

Dk's (kiting) along with a hunter for frost/slow trap are great for the Gluth fight. And for the 4 hoursmen, we put 2 ppl who can heal (Off-specc is fine) in the back. You get 3 marks, switch. (You might be able to handle more this point we could probably handle 5-6.., but 3 is safe) We use 2 dps druids in healing gear, to get aggro on the back two and just heal, but your dps needs to be good enough to down the front horsemen before they go oom. You will not have the dps to burn down the front two without switching. Do the "meet in the middle". Thad is actually easy. (You may need to wipe once seeing the fight) And here is the strat: + on his right side. - on his left. Always run to the right when you need to switch sides and stay on his outer hitbox (Stack up on him). That's it. The hardest part is jumping to his platform :)

There is a diagram in the naxx raid progression thread that will make the hegain dance..VERY easy. Just view it and look at the safe zones in relation to his platform. I NEVER die on that fight and as the MT I'm always off the platform kiting through that mess.
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The ranged horsemen do not hit very hard at all...on one 10 man run I was able to keep myself up easily as a tank, and with a small amount of practice I probably could have kept up a non-healer on the back in addition.

So, if you can spare a healer class, they probably can keep themselves and the other tank up without too much trouble, which means you have one extra person on dps for the front two mobs.

EDIT: by easily i mean Earth Shield procs + the occasional Riptide. It really was a yawner.
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Doc may be right about nuking the front left horsement. If you flask/buff up, drop heroism and burn all trinkets/specials.. you may very well have the dps to get that horseman down before you get to many marks..(You will probably need to survive past 3 marks) without doing the boss switch between tanks.

This way is less complicated then boss switching between tanks.