Team Omega - Progression (What about Ulduar?)


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With my being on vacation 4/11 and two guild runs of Heroic Naxx (which I love), Team Omega has been dormant as of late. Our next scheduled run is Monday April 27th. I would like to establish some consistency for attendance of this Team if possible. We have several players that are experienced and well-geared where progressing into Ulduar is not out of the question. For the 27th I currently see Jermayan, Justinpeace, Holypanda, and me signed up. With a few more geared (and regularly attending) toons we should be able to make a foray into Ulduar. So consider this post sign up sheet #3 or so from the other postings, etc.

Naxx 10 gear is adequate for going into Ulduar. I know the above toons have a smattering of Naxx 10 and 25 gear and maybe more. Regular attendee #5 (of course) is Meaghan on Valoden. Still need to flesh out a few more toons (JJ?) and roles. Sean or JJ at Tank #2 and JJ could also be healer #2. Please "sing up" with your interest by replying. (Regretfully, sign up is not a guarantee of a spot.) Projected run nights (at this time) will be every other Monday alternating with the Guild Naxx 25 run. I would look at a Friday/Monday two night raid schedule as well but I know summer is coming up and people generally choose to :eek: be outdoors vs. raid sometimes... :)

Please read up on the fight strategies for Flame Leviathan (this is a vehicle fight) -> Ignis the Furnace Master -> Razorscale -> XT-002 Deconstructor (though that might be a bit presumptuous...). :p

AND for those joining us this Friday (tomorrow) for OS/Vault - we'll be paying a visit to Emalon the Storm Watcher - new 3.1 boss. I have fight strats posted here:
Be aware, with the possible exception of the first boss, all the fights that I have done (currently four) take at least the coordination of Thaddius, and some of the complexity of KT. We are back to old school bosses, and I love it.
Be aware, with the possible exception of the first boss, all the fights that I have done (currently four) take at least the coordination of Thaddius, and some of the complexity of KT. We are back to old school bosses, and I love it.

Blizz Blues have posted on the Forums - "There are no Tank & Spank bosses in Ulduar..."
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That is correct and although there is a thread out there about having only 1healer to heal it all (not sure where this is but Ata mentioned it), my runs into the 10 mans with the RAWR lite crowd has required 3 healers. DPS has to be up there as well since you only have 5 full time dps.

I think until the group is able to clear Naxx with semi-regularity, Ulduar might be a bit tough. The first fight kinda lulls you into a false sense of security. It seems so easy once you figure out the vehicles, after that fight, lots and lots of pain awaits you.

The group would have to be prepared by having lots of consumables and be prepared to wipe... alot, at least until the mechanics are down. Then you wipe a little less. :)
Please "sing up" with your interest by replying

Eric will jump all over this.

Yeah, I've watched a few of the fights (Think malygos/Heigen).
They look much more complicated then the majority of stuff in naxx.
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JJ would not feel comfortable going into Uldar as a healer.

I am geared from heroics, emblems, and rep for tanking, even wearing a few pieces from naxx thanks to our 25 mans. But my healing set lags far behind the other healers in our guild. It will be some time before I am geared and comfortable being a primary healer.

At this time if I can't go into Uldar as a main or off tank I am not high enough in dps or healing to go into Uldar.

In the meantime I am working on getting to that point!
Kudos to JJ for being man enough to admit it! I'm really impressed. It takes a lot of guts and honesty to say "I'm not good enough for x job" when you know you really want it.

I think we need at least one Naxx 10 (or regular 25) working to get gear for people who want into Ulduar, as you're going to need more than just a "smattering" of Naxx loot to get at any bosses other than Flame Leviathan. Now, I'm not pointing at Bob or Mike and saying "thou shalt lead it" -- I think we need someone to step up to the plate on Naxx 10 (maybe even me now that summer's done) and lead a team. If I run Naxx 10, the team would focus on having at least one regular "non-regular" for the purposes of gearing those toons up.

That is all assuming that Team Omega and Group Alpha are both in Ulduar. I don't see a reason to lead a Naxx run if we have 2 or even 1 viable run. But I do think that we could use at least one viable run for helping folks like JJ get geared for Ulduar.

Wow, I'm blabbery this morning. I hope this post makes more sense to you than to me.
Case in point, the RAWR 10 man I run with wiped 4 times on TRASH just getting to the second boss (ignus). Consider...this group is pretty much fully 25 man naxx equipped. There really is no cake-walk here, but I do agree naxx 10 gear should be sufficient. Make sure you read up on all the fights, including trash. FUN!
I am still thinking of leading a run but it would be after Evan goes to bed so Cassie can come also if there is enough instrest for it then I would do it more likley
Pandacution, my warrior, has a smattering of some naxx gear and heroics for his tanking set. IMO it is not good enough for Ulduar.

Holypanda has a pretty decent dps set, with a weapon upgrade and his darkmoon trinket he will be good to go. Still waiting on a weapon drop that I win the roll on in 25 naxx and the trinket is coming may 4th :)

Holypanda is running with Jas' Imperial Defenders sponsored 25 naxx run for the time being, and probably for the foreseeable future assuming they don't find someone better ;)

Anyways, that is where my toons are at.

For anyone curious, provides a general guide for what you are ready to attend. Take it for what its worth though, its kinda nice to see the range. Yellow is the target are, where red is probably too hard for your gear lvl.
not sure how much i trust it but u need to be fully geared from naxx to go in guys or naxx geared levels
I had the wonderful opportunity to heal 10-man ulduar this weekend, and it's definitely a lot more complex and challenging than Naxx. XT was a difficult boss to beat, and Ignis we didn't manage to get down - very challenging to heal.
Rhys - Thanks for correcting my spelling *grin* bet you don't hear that too often. He is correct of course. Its important to note that wow-heroes (or any other such web site) is a GUIDE ONLY. Brains trumps gear to a certain extent, but you top the charts in brains and still not be able to do everything if you dont have the gear.


The Team Omega Run needs more consistency of attendees (and gearing them) until we are ready to conquer Ulduar. Although many of us have a good smattering of iLvl 213 Heroic Naxx/OS/Eye and Naxx 10 gear, that will not carry the raid. For one, Tanks need to gear EH (Effective Health) as the mobs hit VERY hard.

We have a bit of time until we are ready, but it is a goal I'm looking forward to.
May 11th...


I've got a run posted up on GC. Now, I know this group "may" not be ready for Ulduar, but if we have anything like the group from Monday's run (3 wings of Naxx in just over 4hrs.) we can at least take down the first boss and get a good look at the 2nd. Many of our toons from Team Omega have a mix of OS25/Naxx10/Naxx25 Gear. With that kind of gearing we are fine for Ulduar 10. Also, looks like Blizz has already nerfed many of the bosses and mobs (Tuesday's patch). :( See the Blizz Blue Quotes:

Ulduar Nerfs
Daelo summed it up pretty well in his post on the Raid and Dungeon forum: "We want to allow additional players to experience more of the cool Ulduar content."

We want dungeons, including Ulduar, to be accessible for players. If everything is difficult then few players will experience the content that we have been working on for several months now. At the same time a lot of the hard modes have been increased in difficulty to give players something more challenging to work toward.

10-Man Ulduar Difficulty
It was to provide another progression path for players who aren't interested in trying to find a bigger group to run with. A lot of players have just enough friends online to fit into a 10 player group and we didn't want to force the need to get another 15 players to see the raid content as we want it to be more accessible.

Yes, the 10 player raids are meant to be a bit easier, but they are still challenging and not meant to just be the easy mode that people close their eyes and walk through.

Howsomever... The Ulduar fights are less than trivial and very complex. A lot of coordination (think Thaddius/Heigen) are required to down the bosses. The first boss is the easiest (and a vehicular fight). Also, we'll most likely have to CC the trash mobs, because wiping on them is easy... Which means watching AOE, picking your targets carefully, etc. Kind of like Kara before the nerf when taking down Moroes and Curator was a big deal.

Tanks & Healers will be stressed the most as the bosses in Ulduar hit - hard. Gearing for Effective Health is key. FYI for you warrior tanks, I'm moving away from my 15/5/51 Deep Wounds build (great for Naxx) to a more survivable 5/10/56 build with points in Demoralizing Shout, improved Shield Wall cooldowns, etc. I have 3 pieces of T7 fury/DPS gear for my dual spec but may go dual spec Prot build with the two aforementioned builds.
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