"Tek's new work schedule" or "Hey, it's a game night. Where's Tek?"


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I'll be starting a monthly rotation schedule at my job this coming Monday (Jan. 30). I'll alternate between an 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. shift and a 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. shift. Shifts will change the first Monday of every month.

This means that, starting Jan. 30, I may not be available to play in ToJ's weekday game nights (Unreal Monday, TF2sday, and Left 4 Wednesday). I won't be able to get home any sooner than 8:30 p.m. Central and I likely won't go straight to the computer (opting instead to spend what little time I may have with my super-awesome daughter before she goes to sleep for the evening).

As you might imagine, this schedule was and is a disappointment as it means I won't be able to eat dinner with my family for half of all weeknights, I probably won't get to spend time with my daughter in the evening before she falls asleep most nights, and my participation in half of all ToJ weekday game nights (which I look forward to each week) will be limited if not greatly reduced.

To my knowledge, my employer has no plans to change my schedule any time soon.

Please pray that my wife, my daughter, and I will adjust to my new work schedule as smoothly as possible. Please also pray for wisdom and favor for me.
Changing work schedules is always a bummer. Praying for patience for ya.

How about a Tek game morning!!
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You'll adjust - my son has a similar situation - schedule wise and how much say-so he has in making the schedule and a one year old. They have adjusted pretty well.

Praying for the whole situation.
I'm not ready to solo TF2 night nooooooozzz... more importantly who will I backstab to give me that gooey feeling inside... /jumps off digital cliff in protest, respawns 8 seconds later... :p