TF ICC 25 run - Sept 19


Howdy all,

Just wanted to remind everyone on server reset day to check your calender for this event posted by our fearless leader Anita. I hope she deletes this thread and/or corrects anything I may insert here that is errant.

I believe the idea is to try and fill an ICC 25 with a complete TF group. I have just started running ICC's in the last 2 weeks (loving it) but obviously only have one character in which to do these runs. I figured this thread might be helpful to find out what characters people are planning on bringing so that you don't end up locking into an ICC 25 elsewhere that you may have wanted to bring to this run. Those with multiple 80's (lots and lots of you) will probably appreciate a bit of planning so as not to have character conflict.

*disclaimer for event*

The desired set up that Anita is after to form this group is with 2/3's skilled vets with 1/3 'newer' people. I realize there probably aren't that many truly fresh players such as myself (I've only done 9/12) but this balance will be necessary to keep the raid moving at a fairly good pace without hopefully incurring too many wipes. So if you need to gear a lower 80 or are just waiting for the 'right drop' for your elite player feel free to post your character, role and intent.

Does that sound about right? (Why is the freshie posting this anyway? Those mages just take too much liberty!)


I'm a squishy mage - DPS depends on how much herding the tanks decide to do :) GS of 5445, with my last ICC 25 dps stat sitting at 7.1k I have made it to (and wiped on) Professor Putricide.
also to make this a have less wipes all noobs would have to be removed therefore noone from the guild could go :O
I have three 80s that might be available:

Death Knight Frost Tank/Frost DPS (at least until Patch 4.01 comes out)
Priest Shadow/Discipline
Druid Balance/Resto (and occasionally feral tank)

My druid and priest sometimes get into non-SGA-guild-sponsored PuGs... My death knight is not attending any ICC 25s at the moment.
would tag along with Vigur but Tuesdays are a no-go day for me.

Hope you all have a good and fun run thou :)
While I'd like to come, my schedule is full of gaming already -- so I'd like to wait till Mike and Bob's run downs LK before making the call.
As I would absolutely LOVE to bring Pudal, 2, is too early for me, as i get home from church around 1-1:30, regularly, and I just started a class (of which my lovely g/f signed me up for unbeknownst to be until last week) This class will likely run into that time slot. I however will do my best to see if i can make it. Likely you will get a frantic post about 230 asking if you have room still, and i sure hope its a yes lol ;)

ty Joe for actually starting this, its been a hard 2 months of begging people to let me in to ICC fights and they dont let me because i dont know too much about it
I am really interested in bringing my mage Reets to this run. As long as work isn't too terribly busy i'll be able to swing :) Hope to you see all Sunday @ 2pm
...ty Joe for actually starting this, its been a hard 2 months of begging people to let me in to ICC fights and they dont let me because i dont know too much about it...

I'd better set the record straight - it was and still is Anita and Adam's idea; I had just posted in the forums in events just to /bump their idea and help to drum up support. I really don't think it will be an issue getting Pudal in - we describe the fights on TS so everyone should know their roles and what they are requested to do. It also never hurts to view the videos on Tankspot before you actually make it into ICC to get a feel for how things will pan out.

As for 'knowing about it' please remember I am still very, very fresh to WoW (the paint is still drying) so if I can handle it surely you will be able to handle yourself fairly quickly.