The Arrow Game


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I saw this done on another board and I think it's a cool game.

You have three arrows: ^, >, V

^ Comments on the guess that the last person made (saying if it was true or false)

> Tells us a little something about yourself

V Makes a comment about the next person about to post, guessing if they have done something in their life.

Obviously, this is a Christian board, so no posting anything tacky.

^ Well, nobody posted before me sooo...

> Used to be a girl scout

V Has a goldfish.
^ right on target!
cheese on the piazza, cheese enchiladas, Mexican food in general, you can use cheese as a condiment because it is good on everything, then you have cottage cheese, cream cheese
> loves movies (Haven't seen Forest Gump in forever)
v still believes in Santa Clause, sat on his lap to ask the most important request...
^ correct
> owns a website, with another in development
V knows what he/she is getting for Christmas

EDIT: Spelling error
^ I'm about 95% sure

> Likes Japanese Anime!

V Has gotten sunburn so bad that their skin started bubbling.
^ dont we all like anime?

> im aperently look older than i am, so im told :0

V read books
^ Correction: can't wait for the LAST backstreet boys album
> has about 6.4 days of digital audio
V Loves opera (the browser, or music)
^Of course any RPG for the PS2 and it's usually on there.

> I'm currently a moderator on two of Score's Official message boards. Also if it wasn't obvious from my sig and avatar I love the anime Hellsing.

V Has/had at least one pet.
^ street fighter vs snk was the best game corp vs game corp game ever made

>i found the all techno station on the radio and aparently sundays it has gospel music o_O

V thinks cats are the other white meat
^Yummy! (shhhh! my family adores cats, please don't tell them what they were eating!) Actually, they are beautiful to look at from a distance, especially white Persians.

>Trying to learn to play the guitar. I have had it since last Christmas, it is not looking very promising. But I do okay on the clairnet! :)

vYou have already started munching on Easter candy.
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