The Forgiven & Quality Wipes Flex Raiding in Patch 5.4!


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Hi Everyone,

Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.4 drops on Sep. 10th and I'm hoping we can get at least 10 (or more) up for a Flex Raiding Group. Flex Raiding for those of you who don't know is in between Regular 10 Man and LFR in difficulty. It also allows for flexibility in size of anywhere from 10 - 25 raiders. There are basic requirements that don't change such as having two tanks, 3 (or more depending on overall group size) healers, etc.

Here is a link to Blizzard's information on the 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar Patch:
Flex Raiding in-depth:

Additionally, iLvl requirements will continue to scale up. Minimum iLvl in LFR for the new raid: Siege of Orgrimmar is 500. I'd ask that anyone who's interested in joining is iLvl 500+ (the more the better). Please sign up here, shoot me a PM, or in-game message if you'd like to join us. We'll start out with one night a week of runs at the beginning and go from there. Start time will be 7 server and runs will be 2 to 3 hours depending on the night.

Hope to see you with us!!
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I'm leaning towards an inaugural Flex Raiding run date of Saturday September 14th - 7PM Server and will post it on the in-game calendar.

Remembr - we need iLvl 500+ raiders who have TeamSpeak 3 installed, DMB (or other raid mods) installed at a minimum.
I've brought my 3 main toons over to the server:

87 Monk - Mistweaver
86 DK - Unholy
85 Warlock - Affliction

Warlock was my main raiding toon for Catacylsm on another server. I enjoy all 3 as well. Hopefully I can get leveled up soon.
I am not quite at ilvl 500 on Jermayan (enhance shaman) at the time of this post but I should be there by Saturday. It's been a while and would love to get back to raiding/socializing with the guild.
Speaking of toons. I really love the Unholy DK, Mistweaver Monk, and Affliction Warlock about the same. What is the greatest need for the guild? I'll have all 3 up to par a some point, but what is needed the most?
Loowit and Pahto would love to be a part of this. We'll have to work on gear level though. Once we're at level that will be a rogue (dps) and pally (tank).
Hi Everyone!

We are still LF Raiders to run Siege of Orgrimmar Flex Raiding on Saturday Nights starting @ 7 server. We do ask you come prepared meaning enchanted & gemmed gear (iLvl 500+), Flasks, Food, and TeamSpeak 3 (and Mumble Voice). We combined our group with some old SGA friends (Dan, Christine, & others from Grace and Honor guild) last week and got a good look at the first boss. We did have a few undergeared folks which in Flex works out to be a penalty. The bosses' HP is based on total number of raiders, so if you bring undergeared toons, it adds overall HP to the boss but your DPS/Healing/Survivability may not be up to the task and it hurts the raid. Please let me know if you want in, what toon, etc.
Are you going to be posting in calendar or shall we just assume that there will be a raid each and every Saturday at 7? (I checked for this past Saturday, didn't see a raid so Adam and I went on a date ;))
My wife and I are still working on gear for Pahto (tank)and Loowit (dps). Reall,y we need to get weapons to drop in Thunder so we'll be hitting that.

If the game requires iLevel 500+, how do you get undergeared in there? Or is iLevel 500 undergeared?
I would be game to join up if you are still doing it. Not ready gear wise at this time, but that shouldn't take too long. Anyways, just communicating interest.