The future of Unreal Tournament

Yep I just saw that one on xim4 and I figured I'd share that with my old buddies. But I see Danny you've beat me to it. LOL.
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I really want whatever is announced to not disappoint.

But the odds are heavily (HEAVILY) stacked against the announcement being anything but a tremendous disappointment to UT fans.

IMO, Epic abandoned the franchise the day they decided to develop UT3 as a Gears of War spinoff rather than a proper UT game. Don't get me wrong; UT3 is still a decent enough game. But I think it's safe to say that the majority of UT fans felt UT3 was a disappointment after UT2004.

I really want to be pleasantly surprised by whatever Epic announces for UT next. But I'm not holding my breath. :(

EDIT: Just to reiterate: I have never wanted to be wrong about an unannounced game this badly in, well, possibly ever.

EDIT#2: Nothing would make me happier (in the context of the UT franchise) than for Epic to prove me terribly, terribly wrong.
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I...did not see that coming.

...Well, okay. I can now say I'm looking forward to the UT instead of dreading it like I would dread some half-baked sequel concocted from focus group results, Mountain Dew product placement, and boardroom meetings.

EDIT: Danny, will you and your crew return to work on a UE4 Jailbreak mod? :D
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Seems like the news about UT4 has invigorated UT3 and UT2004 a little. Been playing the last few days and server numbers appear to be up.
We know that UT maps tend to be pretty diverse, but here's a sneak peak of a map currently in development for the new UT.

When I first saw this thread my Hopes began to raise, I agree with Tek that UT 3 was disappointing in comparison to UT2K4 but when I read the plans for Financing the development they slowly began to sink as I see it, the next Iteration of Unreal Tournament to be a Free to Play where all Items, Weapons and anything that is effective will cost money.
I do hope I am mistaken as it would be Grand to see Unreal Tournament Rise from its Ashen History :p
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Fortunately you are very mistaken. Nothing in the base game requires unlocks or payments. The marketplace will just be for 3rd party content and up to content authors whether it is free or for pay. UT will simply be free. The way they are really making money off of this is all the engine subscriptions they have been selling so that the community can be involved in the development.
Thanks for the clarification DannyMeister, either way I would get the game as I am always hopeful of a Comeback for Unreal, we used to have many hours of hard Gaming here at toj :)