The hour is upon us

Tek7 (Legacy)

CGA & ToJ President
It all goes down at 3PM Eastern. 2PM Central. That's right.

The Unreal Tournament 2004 demo will be released within the hour.

Revv your download managers and FilePlanet alternatives and let's get ready to RUUUMBLLLE!
dang you beat me to it.

I'm dling as we speak. ph34r
Any first impressions? I haven't gotten it yet, I haven't even been near my computer in like 3 days. Hoping this doesn't over shadow U2XMP, but it will. :p
Hmmmm...well, dl'd the demo, had a go through it. Have to say I'm pretty impressed by the incredible range of vehicles to play around with, very cool. Still figuring out how they all work, what vehicle weapons do what, etc. but pretty slick looking.

Flak gun seems to have been lobotomized; the power has been taken down and the spread is thinner now. Someone said that it works more like UT1999 did, but I think the original flak was more powerful than this.

Bots seem to make hardy opponents, so that's cool. Looking forward to seeing the new skins and models in the new version.

Assault was my favourite game mode in the original game and glad to see it return and be improved here. If I pick up UT2K4, I'll be playing this game type the entire time.

Haven't tried the other maps yet, just played Assault and Onslaught.

Still afraid that the U2XMP community may bit hit hard by the release of UT2K4 - Atari isn't really giving the game the support it needs, while UT gets tons of advertising dollars. We'll see...
Oh. My. Wow.

Onslaught absolutely rocks. It's hypnotizing. It''s...awesome. I think this must be what all the Halo people were talking about. I think this is what Battlefield and Halo and all those other vehicle/team-based warfare games were trying for, but UT2004 got it right. I've only played with bots, but I MUST go home and play this right away online.

Okay, so where should I pre-order this game?

EDIT: Nevermind. Found it.

UPDATE: I went ahead and pre-ordered. I was just too jazzed about the tons of content that comes with the Special Edition to wait it out. I held out on buying UT2003 to wait for UT2004, and I've waited long enough! Now I just really, really, reallyreallyreally hope it's released on time. ^_^;;
[b said:
Quote[/b] (Tek7 @ Feb. 13 2004,3:35)]I think this is what Battlefield and Halo and all those other vehicle/team-based warfare games were trying for, but UT2004 got it right.
What do you mean, TRYING for? Don't make me angry...
[b said:
Quote[/b] (MaxX @ Feb. 13 2004,6:06)]What do you mean, TRYING for? Don't make me angry...
Well, okay, to be fair, I only played Halo for about ten minutes against one other person. I also played the PC demo. It might be a fantastic game and I didn't give it enough of a chance, but Onslaught just floored me from the first moment.

I'm a big fan of the off-brand first person shooters (Unreal Tournament, SiN, Shogo M.A.D., Serious Sam, etc.) and I really enjoyed UT2003. The only reason I didn't buy it was because I was waiting for UT2004, and it's now on its way! w00t!

EDIT: By the way, I have much love for Battlefield. I'll be quite interested in playing the game online again after they fix all the collision detection problems (i.e. sniper bullets don't register unless you hit your opponent in the pupil of their right eye).
re: Halo...I really think Halo has it's own thing on the console. Even the PC version is "consolely", so if you're not into the console thing, then I can see why you wouldn't be into Halo. But Halo was first on the block with vehicles you could use in multiplayer, so you have to give it props for that...

I'm still withholding judgement on UT2004 in general at the moment. I've quickly become a little bored of the Assault game type (too many ways to create choke points it seems)...that might chance online. I need to give Onslaught another try, but I think my main problem is that I love U2 XMP so much, I don't want to leave it behind to go dablle with this new mistress.