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I wanted to start a testimony thread. Has God done something special in your life? Why don’t you share it here.

Some of you may have heard this story ( I shared it briefly with some people). Some may have partially heard it. But I would like to share an incredible testimony, proof of the power of God. It may be a little long so bear with me.

About 3 years ago on a Sunday afternoon, my son started getting a fever. It was about 101 degrees. My wife checked it 30 minutes later and it was up to about 103. We gave him Tylenol, and then we put him in a tepid bath to try and cool him down a little. This is my youngest son, Gabe’s “baby” brother. He was 7 years old. We got him out of the tub and checked his temperature. It was around 104. My wife and I started to worry. Church was supposed to start in 2 hours for the evening service. We called our pastor and said we weren’t going to make it. Checking his temperature once again it was 105. He was very hot to touch we got him and took him into our van and headed to the hospital. My wife was holding him and he began screaming” I want my Mommy”. Then he went limp. My wife checked and it was 106.5 degrees. Panic struck our hearts. We were 10 minutes from the hospital still. I came to a stop sign. This intersection has become very symbolic for me and here is why.
I knew my son was gone at this point. Should I go right to the hospital and drive 10 minutes or left to church which was only 2 minutes. Well, making the hardest decision of my life I went left. I began praying. My wife started yelling at me wondering where I was going. She said if our baby died she would never forgive me. I said God is our only choice now honey. She continued yelling; I kept driving, and praying. I got to the church, and we got out, still being yelled at I pushed her and my son to the church. My Pastor and one other woman were there. I hollered we need prayer now brother. My Pastor saw the urgency and rushed to us with olive oil. The woman came running to. We began praying, speaking in tongues, and suddenly my son’s eyes opened. “I thought we weren’t going to church” he said. My Pastor said he is fine now. I knew my pastor was right. My wife grabbed the thermometer and checked. His fever was down to 103. My wife sobbing said, can we go to the hospital now?” “Of course” I replied. So off we went. By the time we got there his temperature was about 100 degrees. My wife kissed me and said thank you. It still makes me cry when I think about it. I left them there and drove back to church to testify. After my testimony I went back to the hospital. He had no fever left; the doctor said our thermometer must have been off. We checked it and it was the same as the hospital’s. He said there was no way that his fever could have been that high and not only did he not suffer any damage, but he was still alive. Basically he said we imagined it. The blood tests came back and they found faint traces of encephalitis. I am glad to report, he is strong as an ox, a gifted student, scored one of the highest scores on his standardized testing in his school, and is now going on 11 years old.

That intersection was the most difficult of my life. I thank God everyday I see my son that I followed His will.
Wow that is amazing Ash. Sounds like your sons have a very Good example to follow. Reminded me of the story of Issac and Abraham. That has to be one of the toughest choices ever!! I applaud your FAITH!
The only credit I can take is that I listened to God. He told me to turn left, I didn't just decide to on my own, hoping everything would turn out ok. I guess my point is once you learn to hear God's voice, cause yes he does speak to me, try to listen to it, as hard as it may seem. He will never steer you wrong. God deserves all the credit in that testimony.
It always amazes me when God tells you to do something, you do it, and He follows through. I don't know why it amazes me, I guess because God thinks enough of us to want to show His power to us at all is still amazing.

I was at a crossroads in my life about 4 months ago. I was in a dead-end career, and my family's conviction is that my wife should stay home. Well, this means I need to get more money. So, on March 3rd of this year, I quit my job to become a real-estate home rehabber. I know quite a few people who have made six figures doing this, and I now have a home that is worth $30k more than I paid for it. However... the market is such that no one has even looked at it in the 3 months I've had it for sale.

So, I wondered why God had so plainly left me out in the cold. I prayed to God to resolve this situation, and a date came into my head: June 30th. I assumed this meant that the house would be sold by then, which means that our cash reserves would just barely last long enough. I rested on this answer, and knowing that real estate transactions normally take a month or so from start to finish, I figured that meant we would get an offer by the end of May.

May 31st came and went. No offer. June 10th came and went. No offer. I figured that since we were going to have no money, I should go get a job. I posted my resume on Monster et al, and had two offers on the table. One was for a job that was just like my old one-- dead-end, phone monkey work. The other was to be an independent insurance agent. Well, the latter job was commission only, so I felt I had to take the phone monkey job, even though I would be miserable. I felt like Job, with all the influences in his life telling him to "curse God and die". At least, that's what the voices in my head were saying.

Then, we received an unexpected check in the mail. For approximately two months living expenses. Just to make the point clearer as to what I was supposed to do, the phone monkey boss called me to say the offer was no longer on the table. I went to the insurance company, signed the paperwork, and started the licensing process.

Around July 5th, I told my wife that I was still a little bit disappointed in God, that he hadn't done anything on June 30th. "Oh, yes He did," said my wife. "When did you sign those contracts with the insurance company?" Talk about being slapped upside the head with a thousand pound King James... I was dumbfounded. I had almost missed God's plan because I was so focused on how I wanted it fixed that I missed how He was fixing it.

We'll see how this new career pans out, but I believe that little "aha" moment will stick with me for the rest of my life.
Amazing...hehe. It is awesome when God comes through. And it amazes me also. I don't know why it amazes. I mean he promises us all the time. And yet everytime it amazes me...wait I think I know why....
*scrambles for the bible*

1 Corinthians 1:25
Because the follishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

I guess that sums it up.

It is so wonderful when people listen to God and he provides. I am proud of you Bill...It is many times very difficult to listen to God, because often he asks us to step way out in faith. To do so shows your love for the Lord and faith in His Word. Keep it up.
He called you to lead this guild also, and we have all been blessed many times over by your leadership and perseverance. Thanks my brother, just keep following his lead.
Those are some awesome testimonies. I get to read a lot of testimonies as the membership administrator for ToJ. It's a requirement to share a testimony to join. A lot of them really touched me and both or yours did too. Thank you for sharing. Testimonies help us keep the right perspective and remind us to trust in Jesus in those tough times.

I'd like to add that I talked to my dad, Halonic, yesterday. He called from the hospital and said the stint operation was a success. Thank you all for your prayers.
Astrod00d, glad to hear your dad came through it well. He's missed when he's not around!

As for testimonies, the clearest testimony I can give is who I am today.

Do you see a shy, insecure, depressive person? No? Well, that's God!
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I'm real big into testimonies. I love to say what God has done as well as hear what he has done. So forgive me.

My next testimony is very personal. There is such a difference of who I was without God, and the man that God has made me today.

MaidMirawyn said:
As for testimonies, the clearest testimony I can give is who I am today.

Do you see a shy, insecure, depressive person? No? Well, that's God!

What God has made us is always a great testimony...Awesome Dea!

As for me, I was never really raised in church. I attended a Catholic Church when my parents felt like it until I was 10. Then never went back to a church, except on a rare occasion, until I found God about 8 years ago(at the age of 31). I was a good student and a good athelete. I gave up sports in the middle of high school though and turned for the worse. Alcohol, drugs, women...I did it all.(though turned away from it kind of early at age 26; even then God was tugging at my heart.) Despite that God had a plan for me. He had a purpose, and never gave up on me. My Mother will tell you I am her greatest testimony. I turned from the life of decadence into the man I am today. A man of God that loves Jesus. I raise 6 great kids as soldiers in God's Army, including my severly handicapped nephew. I adore my beautiful wife, and provide for her, helping her overcome her disability (siezures). I often open my home to people that are in need, giving them a roof over there head and a meal in their stomach. I did not say all this to toot my own horn, but to show what God can do. I am anything but perfect. I have come a long way though, and only through the grace and mercy of God.
This is God...He has shaped me and without him I would probably be dead, physically as well as emotionally and spiritually.

So every day I give praise to Him...for He truly is my savior.
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well here is my testimony.

I used to think that to have a testimony you had to be old and had to have lived a life of sin. Then I found out that, thankfully, I was wrong. I got saved at the age of six. But I didnt really feel that i knew what it meant. So six years later i re-committed my life to God. Since then I have had MANY ups and many downs. I have had ups lasting weeks and ups lasting minutes. I have had downs lasting minutes and downs lasting months. I am stuck in one of those downs that last months. Please pray that I can get out. With every challenge I face i seem to win 2 and lose 10. I am trying to stay strong but not even the mightiest army can stomach defeat after defeat without taking HUGE hits in its morale (not saying that I am a mighty army, far from it due to my current curcumstances). It is getting to the point that I doubt God is listening. I ask for the strength to resist the next challenge, but when it comes, I fail. I am trying to keep up a pray life because I know God is listening, but that courage is beginning to fail. Please pray for me, I am starting to think I sunk into a valley so low that God can't see me anymore.
Gabe & I will not fret Ducky...

You know...When I start to feel that way...I just wonder what Job thought..
Praise God in everything.
I'll be praying for you. Just remember that God often chooses to use the small and "unimportant." He's awesome that way.
MaidMirawyn said:
I'll be praying for you. Just remember that God often chooses to use the small and "unimportant." He's awesome that way.

Like the donkey in the story about Balem!
I went to a Christian camp this past week... It was the best faith experience I've ever had. I made a boatload of friends, played paintball, tubed, square-danced (he he, that's a funny story in itself. I was doing all right, and the guy said "For the next move in the dance, put your hand in the small of her back-" and I was like "put my hand in the WHAT of her WHERE? *shaky, nervous gulp* Well, here goes nothing... :eek:"), sang (man I stink at singing. And playing pool. But that's another story.), fit 20 guys in a tiny tiny tiny bathroom (PWNT), did the "robot", got a smile and a wave from a girl and was about to get her email address when I found out that she was on probation (NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!) for some serious stuff *sob*, petted a witty bitty kitty (awwww), stunk up a bathroom, partied until 3 in the morning, ate ub3r salads every day, and was unbelievably reinvigorated by the amazing chapel services. They said that whoever would like to become a leader for our generation please step forward, and a bunch of guys (myself included) and girls stepped forward and prayed together. Also, I had the fortune of seeing my friends get saved. I have to tell you, no matter what anyone says (d0n'7
b33l33v3 th3mz0rz!!), there is nothing remotely incredible as the feeling one gets when the guys you have spent the week with, farted on, have become friends with, etc., dedicate their lives to Christ.

Seriously, I almost cried. Yes, the great C$, goofy and seconded in sarcasticness only to ArchAngel, saw great things happen within other teenagers' hearts (I think 20 people got saved) and I started to get a bit misty-eyed, if you know what I mean.

So, the whole point I'm trying to make here is that I'm very, very grateful to God that He would let me enjoy this wonderful experience.
WOW...Praise God.

What a powerful service we had at church tonight. We had a couple healings (and my wife was touched, I'll claim hers in Faith:)), and the coolest thing of all...

My middle son (12 years old) got the gift of the Holy Ghost, started speaking in tongues, and then got Baptised. Isn't God great...? YES!

Sorry, I was so excited I just had to share.:)
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Testimony - Phase I - In progress.

My testimony is depressing, because I really don't have one yet.

I had very little Christian training as a child. I did go to church and was even seen as some sort of little scholar by our pastor, who gave me a little too much pride by quoting me at length after some funeral once. But after that church dissolved we just never got back into a church. Our families constant church, the one in my parent's hometown, was a place I did consistantly go anytime I was there, but they ended up doing more damage than good. For several years that was the last church I had stepped in, and I had no real desire to find another one.

I've pretty much hit rock bottom here recently. The affects of certain things in my childhood, my teens, and my first few years of being an adult of come together to show me how far I let myself be pulled from Him, and what affect that had on not only me, but my family and especially my wife.

God is working on me now. I keep hearing this phrase about being refined by fire, and I can only think that the flames must have just been lit, and I'm going to be stuck here for a while. But I'm feeling more hopeful. The transition of thinking of what I cannot do to thinking about what He can do has been so crucial. I'm not sure yet, but I'm feeling like I might be designed for some sort of leadership or ministry, as my early Christian years have given me an insight to how much a church can hurt if they stop making Christ their focus.

I don't know. I don't know where I am or where I'm going really. I do know who is leading me, though... and that makes me feel better.
techwhosaysnee said:
My testimony is depressing, because I really don't have one yet.
Not so. Your testimony shows that God provides hope to those who cry out for it, that God is just as much in the valleys as He is in the mountains, and that God's enduring grip on your heart is something that no person or group, no matter how misguided or evil, can take away. I took more away from your testimony than you know.
[]WildBillKickoff said:
Not so. Your testimony shows that God provides hope to those who cry out for it, that God is just as much in the valleys as He is in the mountains, and that God's enduring grip on your heart is something that no person or group, no matter how misguided or evil, can take away. I took more away from your testimony than you know.

I'm glad. I've been trying to post something for a long time but can never come up with anything.

If you're the reason God has been pushing on me to start sharing more, I'm sorry I drug my feet so long!
techwhosaysnee said:
My testimony is depressing, because I really don't have one yet.

what do you mean, thats one of the best testomies one could have. you were a lamb, that was lost, you were found again and now is growing lots and lots of wool to be sheard for other hairless lambs...

im glad that you found Christ again.