The praetorians



I've seen this game in the stores and heard it's supposed to take RTS games to the next level.I'm waiting for The War of the Ring but find it hard to pass up what might be a good RTS game.Has anyone played it?

P.S. Oh,by the way we are getting DSL hooked up next week so I'll finally be able to play online for the first time!(woohoo!) I've only got JKII Outcast and AoE plus the Con.Expansion but want to find some more multiplayer games.Any suggestions are welcome.

I haven't read anything about it, so I can't offer any advice.

...but for multi-player gaming, try things like Half-Life, Battlefield 1942, and America's Army (free).

I recently updated my router's firmware which will make things a lot easier for me if I happen to want to create a game server. In fact, I was going to write something up in the Multi-player forum about this. Once I figure out how to do things, I would like to host CCGR get togethers. I'm limited to games I own. I also don't know if my ISP has turned off certain ports, which could make all my efforts meaningless.
Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Didn't you mention it awhile back? I just looked at the website. Wow! It does look very interesting. Almost all the JoWooD titles are FREE at CompUSA within their first month or so of release. Hopefully that tradition will continue with this title.

Yep. I've got a few JoWooD titles. Why I didn't pick up the Panzer Elite Gold, I'll never know. That was the same developer as Söldner.
I have a suggestion if you like star wars games and you want an online game there will be one coming out called Star Wars Galaxies that looks really fun for more info on the game and other star wars games go to Lucas
Yeah knights of the old Republic looks great I Have been waiting for that since last year I already have it reserved same with Galaxies so how is Freelancer I have never played it seems to be realy popular?'s what I'm playing most of the time. I REALLY like it. I have a preview you can read. I am almost done with a review of the final game.

My recommendation is to download the demo. The demo is a VERY good example of what you will find in the game.

Here's a quick synopsis of the full game. The single-player campaign is extremely exciting, has lots of nice cutscenes, but is a bit short. The longevity of the game is based on whether you want to continue looking for all the planets and space stations and to continue building your character's level.
Thanks  for  the preview I'm downloading the demo  now it looks prety fun actuly, so  I guess I'll see when it gets down downloading.